Ex Hubsband not supporting his children

October 7, 2011

I have two son’s to my first marriage, of in the past 5yrs my ex has only paid 9mths of maintenance to his children. He gave up his job to re-study at uni and left me to support the boys. I am now married to a man who is supporting me and my children and my ex again is now out of work and not paying maintenance. I give him all the access that was agreed and when he’s not happy with anything he threatens Court action straight away. Yet he’s not putting his energies into looking for work and thinking of the welfare of his kids.

I’ve tired to take advice and it seems he can happily leave them to be supported by me and my husband and no one thinks this is a problem cause of him being out of work!!!! What happens if my Husband is made unemployed??? whats he going to do then eh??? or more importantly what about the kids.

He seems to be able to buy computer games every other weekend for them and laptops only last weekend, yet feeding them and clothing them doesn’t matter!!!!


  • Bob says:

    Why not contact the CSA then? I hate to say it but i think as long as there is support or offers of support then alls well. But if fathers just point blank refuse to support their children then why not contact the CSA and get them hounding him?

    If he is buying them clothes and having them 50% or there abouts of the time imho then its a fair arrangement.

  • karen bedford says:

    Thats because its an easy way out for them. Please join the facebook groups Child Support Agency Failings and others for advice and support.

  • terry says:

    You are sooo typical of alot of women using the csa to improve their lifestyles.You are married again,get on with your lifes the pair of you.Why should your ex support you? he has his own life to live.Have some self respect.
    I say if if wants to buy them games and laptops thats up to him,would you buy them? could you buy them?,be thankful and not greedy.He buys the toys for them so to speak,so you buy the clothes,oh better still get your new husband too.
    why shouldnt he be happy for you and your husband to support them…ITS YOUR FAMILY SO SUPPORT THEM.
    If he ever re marries and has kids,you still expect him to support you and your husband wouldnt you,

  • Miles says:

    You don’t say – had you already involved the CSA, when he gave up work? If you did I don’t blame him for giving up work. Govt’s own figures suggest most people have around 20% of their income left after paying essential bill such as rent and council tax. That’s the 20% the CSA take.

    You say you gave him access? What are they a timeshare or children?

    You have your new life, leave him alone and get on with it.

  • John says:

    I chucked my job in as it was not worth me going to work, to pay the CSA thieves.

    He should provide for his children but NOT through the lying,cheating, thieveing CSA!

    I have never understood what it has to do with a civil servant or politician, and why after the age of 16 they are still deemed to be a child. Just don’t get it!

  • SandraDee says:

    Thanx I think?? I’m not trying to improve my lifesytle actually, all I’m trying to do is improve my kids lives. I don’t want a penny of my exhusbands money for myself not that he ever put his hand in his pocket……whats the saying short arms, deep pockets that my ex!!! I am not the typical woman thank you. All I want is a bit of fairness. My ex left me with debt….joint debt and he’s ducked out of that as well while I the mug am paying it. The only thing I regret is allowing my ex to become a father as he doesn’t deserve ythe two wonderful kids that I have.

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