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Ex hides all his earnings so he doesn’t have to pay

Im into 11 years of a losing battle with the CSA. They have closed my case 4 times wrongly, gave my ex-husband money back when it should have been paid to my children, gave me my ex husbands new wifes child and removed one of mine of my claim, then phoned to ask if my ex was the father to both my sons and if so why do my children have diffrent surnames.

The CSA have allowed my ex and his solicitor wife, to lie and cheat the system. I provided court papers, bankcruptcy records, official reciever reports, all of which I paid for and went to court for, sent the lot to the CSA, and they have not used them as evidence into my ex’s business intrests. The information I have given the CSA proves my ex owed a public house, his name is on all the documents, the courts said he owed the pub, the inland revenue said he owned it everyone knows he owns it, but the CSA said he doesnt because his wife said he didn’t and they believe her.When the CSA took my ex to court, his wife told the judge that she owned the pub, and they took her word, she apparently showed prove, but in all the other paperwork, and bankcruptcy all in his name. After yet another investigation brought on by the ombudsman, the CSA have decided that he did own the pub.

Yehhhhhhhhhhhhhh! I hear everyone shout. Nooooooooo you forget this is the CSA. Even though he owned the pub for several years, his wife has spoken again, and he doesnt have to pay anything, because even though he owned a pub it will not make a difference to any assessment made. Why I do not know, I have been trying to get that answer for several months, I do know the ombudsman are also wondering why, but are unable to do anything. So anyone not wanting to pay CSA, go and hire my ex-husbands wife, she’s good, and the CSA listen to her and take her advise over and above that of court orders, tax records and offical reciever records. Why hasn’t a TV documentary been made about the CSA, they make them about everything else.

The CSA is one department that should be closed down, it will save tax payers a fourtune and the government is all for cuts and cut backs, get rid of the CSA, it will be doing a lot of people a big favour. My children are now grown men, and my CSA claim is closed because of there age, but i will continue to fight for a fair and just descision for the time when my children where children and needed there fathers support. This is only a very brief breakdown of what the CSA have put my family through, and they are allowed to get away with it. Discraceful. What is more insulting is the fact that the CSA believe that by making a very poor attempt at an apology, they think thats enough and its ok, its not, over the years of my complaining, they have eventually put right the errors right but they don’t and can’t put right the damage which they casue.

My Ex and his wife have blanatanly committed fraud, I have all the paperwork to prove it, and they have walked away with no punishment. There need to be justic, and I’m not done yet.

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  1. The fact that he owns a property does not affect the child maintenance because that is based on income not assets.

    Even if he runs the pub himself the child maintenance is based on his income from it. if any. Many pubs are loosing money hand over fist and given he has been decalred bankrupt this may well be the case here.

    So you have wasted all your time and effort gathering the ‘evidence’ for no purpose.

    Never mind, you could always get on with your life instead ….

  2. You can tell your a hurt dad, trust me not all of you are. I am getting on with my life it’s my children who wanted me to fight for there rights. His pub was not running at a loss, he has just lied to make it look as though it was. You are right about his house not been taken into account but all the same it has to be paid for, so does his half dozen holidays abroad, the car he drives so forth and so on. If you feel bitter enough not to support your children because of their mother, then that is up to you, but please dont put me in the same catagory, you know nothing about my sons, my or my ex. My sons where used to spending time with there dad, that stopped when he met his new wife, before you think bitter pill, i remarried before him, i divorced him because he was unfaithful, drank to much and was violent, i walked away with nothing but my children, he was only ever abusive towards me so i have never fought his access to his children; he didn’t want them, he wanted the time alone with his wife, she doesn”t like kids; my ex always put his kids first, and was always a good provider for them, he was a very good dad, crap husband but good dad, and i respected him for that. Thatss what hurts my kids. My oldest son was told he couldn’t go on a school trip because his dad couldn’t affort to pay half, 6 weeks later his wife had a 5 grand boob job, how would your kids feel. I couldn’t care less about CSA i’ve raised my sons, there both at uni and doing well, they want what theey believe there entilled to, and i’ll fight for my children, no matter how long it takes, and no matter about the tunnel vision opinion off people like yourself.

  3. Reading your story is a reflection to my situation….Keep on fighting as this is what i am doing. These people are abusing the children and the system allows these bastards to do so. good luck

  4. What is really frustrating is that the agency was set up to deal with people like this! yet they only go for easy targets..

  5. i agree ladies im paying for both of my children through the csa and they are a waste of time, the left hand does not know what the right hand is doing.

  6. Original Poster….I hope any payments recieved if the CSA finally start providing any payments for your now adult children… that the now adult children recieve it instead of it entering your own account… the NRP owes it to the children…not the PWC… let them decide how they spend it… IF you win your case!!!

  7. Amanda, ignore Brokenfather, as we all do anyway!!


    As you ex has a Solicitor as a wife – yes I said Solicitor! She will find all the pitfalls – which is a lot – to win as the CSA have more holes in it than polo mints!!

    My Ex has committed fraud too and the CSA know it and wont do anything about it, so I understand your frustration, please join the facebook groups i.e. child support agencies failings, plus others, as it has free advice and support on their which might help. Good Luck.

  8. Actually I don't agree with you Allan – maintenance is paid to the PWC to help her or him look after/house the children and be there for them. If she didn't have money from NRP when they were smaller and went into debt/lost a house in order to provide for her children on her own then the money should be used by her, not the children who have lives of their own.

  9. And the original poster – why is your ex and his new wife so bitter and resentful towards you? You don't mention if they ever saw the children/provided for them when they are with them? Has contact always been open and have you always included their father in all decisions?Life is short – as I know to my cost – don't look back at all the wasted years spent on hating your ex and his new wife. Enjoy your kids!

  10. Juliet, you are entitled to your opinion…. I still hold onto mine, your disagreement is noted but it does not change my opinion!!!!!!

  11. And the definition of maintenance? To maintain a child's life ie: cover living costs, clothes, heating, schooling etc. This should be a shared cost between 2 parents.

  12. Allan, I'm sure nothing will change your opinion as the things that hurt us in our life shape who we are. But if you open your eyes a bit you'll see that not all PWCs are bitches and actually care for their children and have been sucked into using the CSA as it was the only option available to try and give their children the best life possible when they are not supported by the NRP.Your enemy isnt the many PWCs who are bringing up children alone, but the CSA who have failed us all.

  13. Allan, normally I would agree with you on that..however if a PWC has been raising the child without sufficient maintenance and has taken on the entire cost, then when the children are finally adult, the money should go to the PWC to spend on… how they like.Not all PWC are greedy. Many make sacrifices so that the children don't go without anything..heck, even I do and I'm married!

  14. Juliet, I have in no way been shaped by things that hurt me, i find a closed door opens a new available path and endevour to explore new fields should any door in my life be closed….The CSA is a criminal organisation that will increase fictitious arrears at will without provision of evidence and intent on causing NRP's into unemployment… how is this organised criminal activity going to achieve financial and emotional support to our children????My opinion is that there are PWC's who are more thoughtfull about money than the welfare of the child… not all PWC's but many!!!Mostly… the government is prepared to force NRP's into financial destitution with the aid of the PWC's demands for financing of retail therapyby NRP's who remain in employment… unfortunately.. these NRP's find they lose the will 2 live… woe and behold the 61 CSA manslaughering deaths actioned by the CSA..CSA have conspired to and willfully caused endangerment to life and promoted 61 deaths of that we are aware!!!I have promised 4 CSA employees today a purple roof… they said it was a threat, I told them no threat but a promise… I did not include they will recieve a picture of a purple roof…. but I did include if they send the police.. I will be happy to provide the police the evidence of CSA's Attempted theft and fraud..Meanwhile.. I have had the pleasure to repeatedly ring and ask if I was talking to the child abusing agency or the child abusing reproduction tax collection Agency….I intend to cause disruption on a daily and hourly basis during opening hours!!!!

  15. where the hell have they got the 3k they'v added in the past six months… I am nil assessed and they know I am unemployed, disabled, ill……. and to top the fact I have shared care….. and I am unaware as to how they could increase the arrears by this amount!!!!There is no evidence to support their calculations whatsoever!!!!!

  16. Lorraine the money is for the child not the PWC…yes we make sacrifices, but that is part of being a mother…

  17. Awe no way man grow a set and contribute to your kids ffs man up you just walk away you low lives, what only that many. You as your fun pay sum for gawd sake you do nowt else cowards get it to easy always have done

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