Ex has more money but I don’t get more

March 25, 2012

I have 2 children with my ex husband and have received £310 per month for the last 10 years, my ex has received a pay rise every year during this time but my maintenace hasnt increased.

In may 2011 my son left school, my ex asked for his maintenance to be reassessed, fair enough you might think, he claimed for increased housing costs (he lied) decreased earnings (he lied), it took csa 5 months to reassess his maintenance payment and they say he now has to pay £203 per month, between june and november, 6 months he paid me £1860, their assessment for 6 months is £1218, an overpayment of £642 (my figures) they say £1218 ??, my ex has been paying £160 per month since Nov. Ive contacted csa to appeal, they dont want to know, Ive written to them today (they dont listen on the phone). He works for HMRC!!!


  • jay. says:

    Can I ask how do you know he’s lying? If he’s paid you maintenance in accordance to the csa I don’t know what the issue is and if your son had left school, is he in full time education and you still claiming child benefit for him, if not then you can’t expect him to keep paying the same….if the issue is the overpayment, and there is a mistake, write a letter of complaint, if that fails, then go are your mp.

  • Carol says:

    The CSA would have asked to see his wage slips before re-assessing maintenance. He would also have to provide proof of his housing costs. I doubt very much that the CSA would accept what a NRP would tell them over the phone without providing proof.

    If you are querying the overpayment you won’t get anywhere speaking to them on the phone. Like Jay says put everything in writing.

    The CSA is a shambles of a system and NRP have been fighting for years with potentially being overcharged maintenance.

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