Ex has made fraudulent claims and lied to CSA

January 19, 2013

I have contacted the CSA to advise them that my payments to my oldest child should have stopped in September as he is now in Higher education (HND), They had arrested my wages because my ex had told them I had not been paying this was a complete lie as every month on my payday I would put money into her Bank, The CSA tell me that the arrears I have is for 2010 to 2012 but this is based on a lie as I was paying every month without fail.

As i was paying the money direct into her bank I only have a few stubs as proof. They told me they would have to have this confirmed by her. I feel cheated as the CSA told me that yes the payment should have been reduced for my oldest but the arrestment must stay in place until after their investigation. My ex has made fraudulent claims against me and lied to the CSA as well as withhold information about my oldest’s education.

I need to know what I can do as speaking to the CSA is a waste of time. Help!


  • Alice says:

    if your case was set so that you were meant to pay the CSA and they then paid out the money to the PWC their system will not see the payments you have made direct, as such either the PWC has to confirm receipt of direct payments or you will have to provide proof that the payments were made, if you are unable to provide proof the agency will seek to collect the full arrears from yourself.

    In respect of the fact that your eldest is in advanced education, if the PWC has not informed the Child Benefit office she is claiming this fraudulently, CHB being in payment allows the csa case to remain open. The agency will contact your ex in the first instance and ask if the QC is in advanced education, if she confirms this then the case will be re-assessed as per the appropriate date. If you ex does not confirm this then you will need to report the matter to the CHB office and ask them to investigate it further.

  • Gamecock says:

    Let me just see if I have understood you correctly Alice as your final sentence is rather disturbing.
    PWC confirms QC now in higher education = re-assessment. PWC denies QC now in higher education and it becomes the responsibility of the NRP to report the matter?
    In other words by informing the CSA/CMEC/CMA/Vertex/Serco that a criminal act is taking place i.e. fraud, one can then expect a blind eye to be turned thereby condoning this alleged illegal activity!! I find it incredible that an entire government agency can absolve itself from reporting this form of wrongdoing. Surely to god there must be a system of information sharing between departments rather than just putting the onus back onto a member of the public who has effectively already reported the matter!
    Scandalous to say the very least.

  • Sally says:

    @ Gamecock – don’t expect a decent response from Alice as she/he only replies with CSA rules and dictats what ‘should’ happen.

    I have made suggestions on how CSA staff could deal with situations to avoid so much upset but Alice has chosen to ignore my posts lol lol

    When the NRP disputes lies the PWC tell the CSA the NRP has to find a way of proving that the PWC is lying but the PWC is never expected to prove he/she is telling the truth… the get out clause for the CSA is to say that until Child Benefit stops, the NRP is expected to pay Child Maintenance but the CSA say that they cannot assist the NRP in doing so!!!

    @ Alice (again) – in the situation above regarding the PWC lying – would it be so difficult for the CSA case worker to put payment to the PWC on hold until such times as the CSA had sufficient evidence to prove one way or the other???? This would mean that money was still being collected from the NRP but not going to the PWC until proof of the truth was provided (or returned to the NRP if the PWC was lying). CSA staff could do SO MUCH MORE for the NRP’s and PWC who NEED assistance and help but they CHOOSE

  • Sally says:

    end to my post should be …

    CSA staff could do SO MUCH MORE for the NRP’s and PWC’s who NEED assistance and help but they CHOOSE not to…..

  • Carrie says:

    Please Alice tell the CSA the system needs changing. Sally has hit the nail on the head there..Cant you do anything help us?We are at the mercy of pwc’s who are not being honest & we have to take it on the chin & pay up.The CSA are getting the credit for all they do getting money from the nrp’s.The thing is we have paid & are having to pay again because the CSA say so !!They are getting it twice from the compliant ones & the others are still getting away with it.Meanwhile it looks like the CSA are doing such a ‘fantastic’ job collecting all this money.We are going into a negative spiral but no one cares. They are on to a winner with the CH/BEN thing aren’t they…

  • stuart says:

    Alice could and would not help as was a male CSA worker openly touting for business on Facebook Groups, So a CSA worker avoiding any problems an NRP had and siding and cosying up to PWC pretending to be a woman. Now what does that say about the CSA and its staff? Be very wary of anything this guy has posted as he I now believe is currently being investigated by Plymouth Business Unit where HE works. CSA ignore fraud cover it up as not their loss but should have a moral duty to protect any NRP from a fraudelent claim but as Sally says choose to ignore it. Alice has now deleted her Facebook page and left this site too. Rather than act properly CSA would rather snoop on internet groups as they now know that their actions are being recognised as fraud.

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