Ex has a good job but gets away with paying pennies

August 22, 2011

Please can you give me some advice?? from 2009 i have fought to get arrears back off my ex partner through the csa! I found out my ex had another child while he had been with me and that my money would be split in two which is fair enough. The problem is that most of my money was paid to the other lady at the start of my case ( which i never got back) so my case got suck in the system.

Finally after 2 yrs i was told that they had everything sorted and that i was going to start getting my arrears back!! from i got this letter ive had nothing but bad luck, june i received £98 instead of the usual £152.28 i had got for over 2 rs. july i got £172.29 instead of the £236 that i had been promised and now this mth (aug) ive received £166.00 instead 0f the £210 that i was told i would be getting!

So fed up with the whole lot of it, my ex partner has a very good job and its just a joke that hes gettin away with this!! at the minute i don’t work so i rely on this money each month and now i have to sit every month and pray i get something. My case is case sensitive so only a few can deal with it, which is a nightmare as they are never there!!

Please can you advise who i can go to for help?? i am grateful that i receive money each month,i’m just worried that my money is being paid to the other lady again.


  • tom says:

    My advice to you would be to get a job and stop trying to milk your ex because he’s got of his backside and earned himself a good job.
    Another piece of advice…………Its not your money its your child’s!!! a fact that seems to be lost on most PWC

  • Andrea says:

    In response to Tom -£200 approx a month is hardly ‘milking anyone’ this would not cover half of most peoples mortgage payments, surely non resident parents have a duty and moral obligation to ensure there child has a roof over there head, utilities paid for clothes, shoes, hobbies and food. Add all that up just for the child and divide in two half for PWC to pay half for non resident and £200 quid is indeed pennies. And then not to recieve it becasue the non resident parent decides he is not going to pay is very frustrating, and an insult to the child. To hold the believe that your child is worth an amount per month and then not be a bothered to pay it is digraceful, Non resident parent should be doing there utmost to ensure there childs happiness, this happiness comes usually at a cost alot higher than the CSA value, and a time investment in the childs live. It is the lack of the latter that usually prevents PWC’s from working. So double whammy blow for the PWC who more than likely expected to live happily ever after with the person they chose to have a child with. In respnse to original post wrtite to CSA and ask for full break down of case, including payments in and out to you, as sometimes these discrepencies can be down to the CSA not the non resident parent. Good Luck and keep asking questions and chasing.

  • karen bedford says:

    Ignore idiots like Tom – as they just need help!

    Well done Andrea.

    similar problem I was meant to get £117 pw but only got £55 – which is the most I ever got for 2 children! But the reason why I didnt get it is because my ex then had a child by another woman (after I left him) who didnt work, didnt want to work and had a child by someone else – whilst he lived there and she claimed benefits, until she got done for fraud and he moved out! Maybe Tom you should see they were milking the system! And yes I worked and always have!

    Eventually after fighting to get this amount via criminal compliance unit and credit ref agencies, I was only getting £28 which went to £33 pw – the rest was split between the other woman – I got a large advanced payment to stop my story going onto Watchdog and finding a solicitor – but the rest of the money owed I never got – my case is closed now and I or moreso my children have been robbed! Whilst he has never been convicted of the fraud, disception and money laundering over the years even lying to a Judge and showing fake payslips which he never worked for the company as he was self employed!

    Please join the facebook groups child support agencies failings and others which offer support and advice – obviously Tom isnt a member!

  • goodmum says:

    Thanks for the advice ladies so far. That’s for tom, I don’t listen to people like that anymore!!! just sounds like my ex, bitter and twisted!! Believe me when I do get money of the csa every last penny is spent on my son. I do blame the csa more than my ex because like I said he does pay something but he is also aware that I haven’t Been receiving the proper amount for some time now and chooses to ignore it!! That’s for milking him, I should be so lucky as his now wife( who has 3 children to 3 different men) takes him for every penny he has while my son has seen him twice over the summer holidays so believe me tom, I milk him for nothing, I just want what is entitled to my son and I!!!

  • Melanie Kearns says:

    The most I have ever got was £27 a week for two children despite my ex husband being a manager. I do work BTW Tom even though I fail to see how providing food and clothing if only in part is milking my ex, who never even bothers to see his children. I now get a big fat £0 a week it totally pee’s me off I am really struggling I could cry when one of them comes home and says their shoes are too small. I constantly worry where the next meal is coming from. This is not what I signed up for I was a good wife and my husband was/is a lying cheating swine who can’t keep it in his pants…….. he now has 6 children that I know of.

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