Ex gets a job but CSA does nothing for months

October 11, 2010

After having battled with the CSA for 5 years to secure regular maintenance from my ex-partner and having received only £1.25 per week for the last year from an attachment of Jobseekers Allowance as my ex could not be bothered to work, i was over the moon to hear that in June of this year my ex-partner did find employment and could finally help me to financially support our child.

It has so far taken 3 months for the CSA to put an assessment in place based on my ex-partners earnings and to date this has still not been done despite having the employment details. My ex-partner did however make a debit card pymt to the agency and what happened….. the CSA transfered that pymt back to his account. Absolutely unbelievable, i am fuming and have now been told by the CSA that it could take months for their system to recongnise that this pymt was returned back to the non-resident parent in error.

So, the bottom line is that this will eventually be added as arrears with the £1500 arrears that have accumilated and for which a liability order was granted that apparently is now out of date so the CSA cannot act upon it now my ex-partner has returned to work.

I wish that the Inland Revenue would take over the CSA. Then there would be no messing about, straight from their wages or impose a higher tax code to cover the level of maintenance that should be paid.


  • Julie Harrison says:

    I am letting my local MP sort mine out because after nearly 4 years I have had enough!!!First I was told I couldn't get any money because my ex partner has three stepchildren living with him so he can't afford to pay maintenance for his OWN daughter!!(this was on old rules)so after wasting another 13 weeks(that's how long you have to leave it when you have closed a case before you can open a new case)I opened a new case under new rules because I was told I would be entitled to some maintenance,turns out the CSA haven't closed my last case properly and no one could tell me why or even close it so I can start my new case!!!!!My MP has contacted them a few weeks ago to ask them to close my old case,open my new case and backdate it from when it should have been opened.I have heard nothing from the CSA as yet!!It's a joke!!If you are the parent with care and on benefits they soon get the money off the absent parent but for people like me who do work,they don't want to know!!The sad thing is the number of parents who just don't want to support their children.I hope your case gets sorted out soon.

  • Annika Bowell says:

    Julie, i totally understand how you feel. I too have now hit a similar hurdle whereby the CSA were going to retrieve Maintenance via an attachment of his earnings at 40% however the CSA then changed their minds as they stated they have a duty of care to the non resident parents kids so now they are collecting at 20% and by direct debit which he can and will cancel. So basically my son suffers as he was born before my ex decided to go get someone else pregnant and have 2 more kids. What about the duty of care to my child. Oh yeah thats it, there isnt any!!

  • Michael Hallett says:

    So you have a job and the father of your child is on JSA, which is fixed at 'the minimum amount the law says you NEED to live on' and you think it's OK to take a small amount from him so he now has less than the law says he needs to live on. I'm sure the children will be very pleased about the way their father has been treated. Bet they are so proud of your example of compassion.

  • Jay O'Hara says:

    Annika – comments like yours make me god damn sick that,, the very fact you'd publically state you think your 'ENTITLED' to 40% of someones salary!!!! Jeesus christ almighty nowonder he left! … , where is your common sense who is going to give you 40% of their salary..would you give me even 20% of yours?? NO i think not … Sorry but i know the gold diggers when i see one .. and you .. Are if you want 40% of someones salary for the next 18years? What gives you the right to rob someone of 40% of their money??

  • Michael Hallett says:

    Ohh mommy your so nice and kind the way you cared for our daddy when he was cold and hungry, and living in a little cave all alone. The way you used to send him little food parcels. We also think daddy is so nice and kind to give us his house and everything he used to own. But why didn't you let us go and talk to him the last time we saw him selling newspapers in the street.

  • Angela McMillan says:

    OH MY GOD….MONEY, MONEY, MONEY!!! What the hell!!! I'm the partner of a nrp & i get totally angry & frustrated that women demand more & more without thinkin about the poor kids sufferin in the care of the ex……we r at the hands of my partner's ex who has demanded more in the past & is continuously on his back about money! We r tryin to make a better future for all the children but if women keep demandin then there's nothin 4 any of the children! My ex husband & I have always put our children 1st regardless of how angry we were at each other, he pays me monthly but its not enough 2 cover everythin for 2 children so we go halves on school trips, clothes & activities……"EVERY CHILD MATTERS" according to Child Protection……stop being selfish & tryin to get more money, it's not about money, it's about the children!! The CSA shouldn't exist, they do more harm than good

  • Juliet-Amber Jolliffe says:

    As a NRPP and a PWC, I see both sides of the story. Until I met my new partner, I was a single mum who has always worked to support my children. My ex husband contributes when he can and we share care – I certainly don't want to 'bleed him dry' and want him to be able to provide our children with a nice home when they are with him.However, my new partner has 3 children with his ex and she has gone through the CSA. They not only take my partners wages into account – but also my child tax credits. This has put a HUGE strain on our finances – particularly as they are taking 40% due to some arrears!This has now put me in the awkward position of asking my ex for some more help to make up for the shortfall.If the CSA used just my partners wages in the calculation and if – heaven forbid – the ex maybe got a job (all children in secondary school), rather than trying for everything she could get – life would be so much simpler.

  • Lorraine Moore says:

    I feel your pain Juliet!

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