Ex doesn’t want me in her life, but she wants my money

January 17, 2011

I split from my ex wife in 2000 she wanted “A NEW LIFE”!!! with someone else, I tried my hardest to keep the family together but she got nasty, all sorts of allegations ref our children supervised vists ect.

I spent3 years in court for a Judge to tell me when i could see our children,what a joke, because she went against the orders time and time again, I finally gave up, my ex started playing games between myself and my parents and we fell out, we have not seen the children for 10 years and yet my ex still wants money, I admit i was wrong for not paying after contact stopped but the csa reckon i owe 30k in arrears!!! I had been making regular payments untill i lost my house and job , the csa reassed my payments and gave me a nil assesment, now this is where the fun begins due to the arrears the “INFORCEMENT” team are chasing me for money time and time again.

I tell them i have no job and am unable to pay, I am not claiming benefits and my new family are supporting the general bills, which leaves us just managing to get by, I know I should claim benefits but to give them back and struggle and be worse off I dont think so, The csa say if i dont pay I willl go to prison!!!

Do they not understand NO JOB NO INCOME how blinkered are these people? Everytime i phone they cant find my case on the automaited system so a 5 min call ends up being 1/2 hour what a joke. My ex has remarried and has split again to my knowledge, if she doesnt want me in her life and excludes me from our childrens life why still seek money from me? my current partner and family should not have to suffer due to my past, why o why do some women seek to take revenge even when they instigate the divorce ?

The csa dont not listen to the nrp and just see us as a sorce of income, the system should be scrapped and court orders should be brought back subject to reviews its too easy for women to get custody and control of the children and the nrp /father suffer.


  • paul roberts says:

    Well I simply think sometimes when a marrage or relationship breaks up often one of them just simply doesnt want the other to be happy, I dont know why but even the instigator hates to lose the control they once had and craves to keep that person in their life purley as a play thing and use them to fuel their own ego’s, gives them a power trip i guess? I dont think there is one answer, myself and my new wife had nearly 2 years of a power struggle with her ex husband, he still felt he had a say over what she did and even over what i did! I never even knew the guy!!! He was remarried with 2 step kids but felt he couldnt let go of his old family and when I say let go I mean he wanted full control of all of us, the police sorted him out in the end. The world is full of bad people just a bugger when they have you by the balls!!!

    I know this is very unhelpful so sorry but just know that your not the only one and we are all here to stick together and help where possible. Chin up mate 🙂

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