Ex demands more and CSA take her side

June 9, 2017

I have 2 kids and they both come under the CSA. 1 of my kids its all going ok regular 3 nights a week every week, now I was the same with my son but now his mum is making a lot of demands of me and as im not giving in she has stopped me seeing my son 1 night and then reported me to csa! I called and told them what shes doing and that I have all the proof on messages and there reply was oh well we have to take her word for it and you have to go to court! so basically she can do what she wants and then ask for more money! is this allowed? how will csa calculate this as I have one child 3 nights a week and one 2 nights.


  • dave says:

    unfortunatley, the CSA just take the mothers word for it, its in their interest as they will get some of th emoney you pay , they will be keen to get the money from your employer as they can then add on an admin fee.

    The CSA are corrupt.

  • Danny says:

    Shocking isn’t it no protection for dad’s

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