Ex could tell CSA my payments were not CSA maintenance

December 12, 2012

I’ve been paying direct to my ‘Ex’ partner since to CSA was born. Just before the CSA came into play I was paying direct into my son account which only my ex-partner had access to, once the CSA got involved I explained (back then) that I still do pay. When I explained where this money was going ie; into my sons account, they simply said that was classed as savings? Because there was bad feeling and communication between with my Ex at the time CSA made me pay over £1000 again using the CSA Payment slips?

So far to date I’ve had 18 easements over 10yrs or more. Fast forward to today, I called CSA up on 15th-June 2012 to give them all my new details (address/Phone number etc. My son is now 18yrs old and at college (don’t know if full or part time) after explaining the following: below I asked as to how do the CSA in the way of evidence dose the mother provide that my son is at Full time College. CSA said they ONLY Look that the Child Benefit is still being cashed in by the Mother. I ask what else do you do in the way of evidence that is all they said. It was said to me that I should stop paying Child Support direct to the mother while they looked into it, because if found my son was not in full time education CSA will not re-scoop the monies paid to my Ex.

CSA informed me they went to court and the Court put out an order of collections? I asked as to why I did not attend and they said a letter was sent out. (Don’t court papers need to be signed for to be served?) I told them I have never had this opportunity and they went straight to the Bailiff collectors.

Few days ago I get a Bailiff Letter that if I don’t get £2415.76p paid within 7-Days there be banging on my door to remove goods.

Well, this gets better…. After calling the CSA and on the phone for 58mins they had not even updated my file with New Address or Phone Number from when I rang back in Jun-2012??? There telling me the arrears are now going back to 2005!!! After saying “What you talking about, I have been paying since day dot”, they said that my Ex Partner had not notified CSA of the direct payments to her. I explained “but you have done all my assessments and advised what I should pay” but now there saying because my partner never called them, they have to go back all them years? I’ve now got to send all my bank statements from 2007 and highlight all my payments to my Ex, not only that I’ve now arranged Bailiff payments for the Maxium time of 2yrs which works out £100.76p per month. On top of that, the CSA Payments which are to be paid in due course as well. The icing of the cake is this…. IF My Ex Partner say’s these payment I’ve been making direct to her account are not CSA Payments money, I will have to pay all this again.

Just for the record this will tip me to KILL My Ex partner and I ant joking.


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  1. Gonk on December 13th, 2012 12:25 pm

    This is another classic story that tells us all about what a heavily one sided bollocks organisation this csa is.it believes any old shit that the ex tells them as if it’s the word of god.im convinced this bollocks organisation would still believe a mother that was stood in front of them holding a black child telling them that the white man standing next to her is the father….lol
    I wouldnt piss on the csa if it…along with all the staff was on fire.thats how much they are hated by hard working honest fathers because of how unfair,unjust and biased they are as well being totally useless at their job

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