Ex contests whether I am the father, should I still pay CSA?

May 30, 2012

I have a daughter Eva who is 5 in october. I’m dealing with a lawyer and have court proceedings to get to see my daughter as the reason for not getting to see her is due to lack of finance her mother wants more money that i dont have.

My ESA has money deducted from it which isnt enought but in the eyes of the law im paying what the law states. What has come to light is my ex partner is now contesting weather im Eva’s biologicol father. Nearly 5 years into her life her mother throws this in my face.

Should i be paying csa now that this has been highlighted??

kind regards

Dabvid Brown


  • Carol says:

    Has your ex requested a DNA test be done? Normally once a nrp receives a maintenance application if they are stating they are unsure if they are the bioligical father a DNA test has to be done before any assessment is carried out. Obviously you were not aware of the potential that your daughter is not yours so try to get that sorted out as soon as possible.

    My partner was in a similar position so I really feel for you to go through that. We had his daughter weekends etc. whenever his ex asked and it turned out she went and got a dna test on someone she had a fling with and phoned us with the results which were my partner was not the father. This was a month before his daughters 6th birthday. It is a horrendous thing to go through. I hope all goes well for you.

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