Ex contacted the CSA three days after the birth of my son

February 7, 2018

I can’t believe this scum.

I have had a family based arrangement for five years paying for two boys (11&8) from a previous relationship. (Which I had no problem in doing). and I am now happily married and have a 7mth old baby boy. September and I get a call, it’s the csa.

She supposedly started a case against me three days after my son was born. The csa told me to stop paying the family based arrangement until they can give me an accurate figure. WELL!!!! Five months later they still haven’t put my son down as living with me and my wife and including arrears (because they told me to stop paying) they have now taken money out of my wages. £480 to be exact. We cannot afford to live on what is left and this is ripping another family apart. I am completely heart broken I’m going to have to move out from my wife and son.

Please please help!!!!!


  • David says:

    Hi Andrew

    I can help with this if you drop me a line at [email protected]. Dealing with the CMS is my speciality

    Take care

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