Ex claiming CSA for daughter who doesn’t live with her

May 24, 2012

I have received proof myself that my Daughter Abigail Davidson no longer lives with her mother Liz Davidson and no longer is in education. I tried explaining this to the CSA on the telephone to which I was informed that “through deduction of earnings the money will be taken out of the bank” because as Child Benefit was still being claimed then Child Support should still be paid even though fraud on Liz’s behalf has not been investigated.

I asked for proof from the CSA that Abigail was at home and studying and for the CSA in investigate into the case as this was the reason I stopped the payment due to Abigail no longer being at the home with her mother and in fact living in her own flat which she moved into at the beginning of March.

The CSA advisor was not willing to discuss the matter and carried on threatening to take money even without getting proof for me as to why I should pay any further payments. I will now be seeking legal advice and further complain about the service received from the CSA with regard to my situation.

I have made all previous payments and will pay if I have solid proof as to why I should or at least confirm i will definately be paid back the full amount they have taken since she has been frauding the system. I strongly feel that the CSA should look into this case more for any changes and investigate so as a father with human rights feels like I am getting support also. I don’t believe this is a fair case as I do feel Fraud is being committed and it is being ignored.

I have and will again report this due to the proof I already have and would be obliged for the co-operation of the CSA to take this as a serious matter.


  • Alice says:

    Write to the child benefit office with your ex’s name,address and the name of the child she is still claiming for.Tell them that child is no longer living with her mother and is living in a flat on her own.Date it and send it registered post.They will not talk to you on the phone unless you are the person claiming.If your ex is not working make sure also she has told tax credits(i do believe you can ring the fraud line and they will investigate if she is still getting child tax).If you are paying when you should not be then hopefully you will get refunded.I think the child benefit laws should be changed for the better ,because CS is based on the PWC recieving child benefit.

  • Carol says:

    Getting legal advice will only cost you in the long run and it is often best to wait until you have exhausted all other avenues before doing this. It might be a better option to have your MP involved, the CSA will definitely take notice then.

    As Alice mentions report this as benefit fraud. HMRC will definitely look into this.

    The CSA are only interested in money coming in to ensure they look good in the public eye.

  • Alice says:

    My step daughter reaches 19 years soon and is leaving college this June.She is walking straight into work in July.The PWC is fuming because she will lose child benefit, child tax,rent allowance and poll tax rebate.Amounting to nearly £500 per month along with our CS stopping.You can see why the PWC doesnt like to lose CB ,it helps to get other benefits.I have sympathy for both sides because i am a PWC and have been a wife of 2 NRP’s.But, some parents take the micky ( for a nicer word)and make life hell for the other parent.

  • jay. says:

    Your case echoes ours, you need to ring child benefit fraud and also check the electoral register and see if your daughter is on it, this is what we did, and strangely enough child benefit ceased asap and this saved us £4000.00 what the csa wanted for this year and part of last year. How many pwcs are doing this,because child benefit takes the pwc’s word? If things were checked it might save the country some money!

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