Ex claiming benefits when children are in Zimbabwe

September 8, 2012

I am making this complaint about my ex-partner whom l believe to be committing an offence. Her name is PAMELLA SHONHIWA, mother of three girls. She is curently claiming child support from me yet the children aren’t even here she has taken the kids to zimbabwe and she has come back to the uk and left them there and continued claiming all the benefits including child taxcredits, child benefit, housing benefit whilst working, childcare as well as child support.

l found this to be a crime and its not fair on me as she has taken the kids there without my knowledge and i have seen my lawyer who suggested to me i should let you know about this.

l would like you to carry out a full investigation by as to the whereabouts of these children by contacting the above named Pamella as soon as possible as l will be taking this further to my local MP.

I would also ask you with immediate effect to stop any payments to this person as l cant be paying for my kids who arent here and according to the laws here she cannot be claiming for kids who arent in this country for a certain period.

I hope to hear from as soon as possible


  • Alice says:

    This is not the offical CSA website, it’s an open forum used primarily to slag off the csa- you should contact the CSA directly by telephone on 0845 609 0042 (or on the number stated on any letter you have received from them about your case).

    if your ex has moved your children out of the UK permanently and is still claiming benefits for them she is committing fraud and you should report this to the relevant agencies

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