Ex bought a new car on HP and said my CSA payments paid for it

February 11, 2013

I have an 18 year old daughter whom I’ve payed the CSA 100% maintanence since she was born. My ex wife has milked the system all these years, not wanting to work or earn more than she needs to so ensuring that I keep paying 100%.

I’m on the old calculation, apparently I can’t be taken off it, however, it means I pay just under £400 a month whilst the new system would allow me to save at least an additional 25%.

Just found out my daughter has received a job offer of an apprenticeship but she’s turned it down primarily because she would miss out on nearly £400 – why would she need to work when she can get this kind of money without the need to work. In addition, my ex wife has taken great delight to advise me that I now have to pay until she’ reaches the age of 20,, not 19 .

How to work the system!

My daughter is enrolled on a college course, min 12 hours and also works at the local baths and pub part-time. She’s loaded……

She bought a brand new car on HP which she stated I payed for from the CSA money, tell me, how’s this right?


  • carol says:

    See when people have this mentality, they rely on handouts, so dont put in the effort or dedication to training or educating themselves further. So when you stop paying csa, they will have left it too late to be taken on in a decent job because they havent the experience or the qualifications. All thats left is some crap course at a local struggling college that is neither use nor ornament.

    Unfortunately, some poor person will likely be set up in a relationship with these types, emotionally manipulated into taking care of them, so that they do not have to work, and just to secure it, will probably find themselves about to be a parent when they thought their partner was on birth control. The csa then get a phonecall and the vicious cycle starts all over again.

    Not every case is this of course, but for those who are brought up via screwing someone else over to meet their needs and wants, without having to earn it, well, its learnt behaviour.

    Makes me fed up, it really does.

  • Sally says:

    My heart goes out to you Nathan…. as Carol says, it’s the mentality of a lot of women. Why work when you can free-load off of men…. It’s a terrible attitude to have and it’s been destroying our country and children for years…. Unfortunately, your daughter thinks her mothers attitude is ok and is following in her footsteps… it must be heart-breaking for you!!

    If you have your daughters national insurance number, couldn’t you question her earnings (hours of work)… what’s unfair here is that it is YOUR responsibility to prove that your ex and daughter are milking the system, when you are the ONLY one who has been honest and paid faithfully!!!

    The CSA should be able to request information from the Inland Revenue to verify that she has an income and they should also be expected to contact her employer to see how many hours she worked over the previous 3 months and then make a future assessment based on that but they CSA always hide behind the ‘data protection’…. The CSA can go into a NRP’s bank account and take what they want, regardless of the facts, they CAN enforce a DEO on the word of the PWC but they can’t contact the childs employer, place of education to obtain relevant information to support the NRP’s dispute…

    I wish you the best of luck…

  • carol says:

    Right Sally…

    So much is based on what the pwc says. Nrps’s data protection flies out the window when it comes to DEO’s yet the csa will bleat how they cant follow up on the daughters employment if the pwc hasnt submitted that information.

    Biased much?

    Worth a try tho OP, gather as much info as you can and write to them. End of each letter state *copy retained*

    Just so they know…

  • John says:

    This is an example of why this system is not fit for purpose!

    Those trapped in this system as ‘sitting ducks’, are hammered financially to fascilitate those who are playing the benefits system, and yet us payers, are not provided with information or status of what we are paying for!

    i recently made an enquiry regarding the child i am paying for, through the CB office and the CSA, who are both privvy to information regarding the child….but I am not. How can this be right?

    The system lends itself to encouraging benefit cheats, (i.e. my ex was caught frauduletly claiming benefits that she was not entitled to, a slap on the wrist was all she got and has to repay £7,000). and yet my claims supported by evidence regarding the status if the child, was thrown out, because the CSA/Government want me to be trapped in the system as an easy target, to fill their coiffeurs up for other benefit claimants.

    CSA is a not fit for purpose mess, that should be shut down and all cases referred to the courts, for proper scrutiny by profesional people.

  • lisa says:

    unfortunatly this is the case with many women chasing men through the CSA, Driving lessons holidays shopping trips, the list is endless, the child never benefits from it though, and the second family is left in poverty, the child support agency is suppost to live children out of poverty in there mission statement, what it should actually say is helping women to make a dick out of her ex and how to have nights out a plenty at the working mans expense, its just not on, I await the day the place gets closed down,

  • mik says:

    The CSA don’t care about anything other than the pwc family. They will be remembered as the largest destroyers of families needing fathers.

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