Ex avoids the CSA to leave daughter in poverty

February 12, 2018

My ex husband never paid for our daughter for 2 years they froze a account and got £1000 back out of the £2600 he owed I contact them with a separate account 2 years later with £96 000 point I’m by now he owes 5500 the did nothing for another year iv contacted them 30 times they have never contacted me once’s he told them he works 2 days a week I sent lots of photos to prove otherwise the did nothing after 4 years of no payments and the court granting a liability order they have just agreed he can pay £30 a week including his new calculation which is £13 a week I can’t feed my daughter yet he just brought a £30,000 van and is off Asia next week how can a organisation do this leave him rich my daughter poor who can I ask for advice?


  • David Joseph says:

    Dear Faye

    First, you need to get a job (unless you already have one) in order to take care of yourself and child. Why put yourself through the stress of having to deal with the CMS and your ex-partner? If you continue to pursue this the way you are, you will damage your health and may suffer depression as a result. It will have an adverse effect on your child as well. Your well being and that of your daughter is far more important.

    Secondly, get someone else (a CMS specialist) to handle the issue with the CMS for you and take away the stress of having to deal with this yourself. I have too many clients who have spent years trying to deal with similar issues themselves and the net result is disappointment and very poor heath.

    Often people seek help much too later for advice to be as effective as it could be. Don’t let that happen to you.

    If you want to discuss matters further with me, please email me in the first instance at [email protected].


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