Ex and daughter still lives with me, yet CSA wants money!

April 20, 2011

I was called by csa requesting money 39pounds a week.

I’ve just been through a messy divorce with finances to be settled ie, house!. My daughter still lives at home with me and her mother, which i pointed out. Forms were filled out stating my out goings with bank statements, and that i provided equally for my child, i see this as a act of the ex to get back at me.

I told them how can you calulate any thing properly bearing in mind the current situation? csa responded by saying this is correct and that it must paid, including arrears, demanding credit card payment. I refused as wasnt going to pay two diffrent monies child/home -csa as finances are low, it got in a heated argument because the cocky csa accesser said i must only look after myself and nobody else, buy just enough food for me and not my child as we re separated.

As residence order is still pending i contacted someone from legal authority who pointed out there are mistakes. Contact was made and csa tryed to change their story by saying they didnt request 39 pounds (investigation still go on).

Number 1 rule get it in writing. DON’T be bullied. As csa is very good at it, know your rights. No credit cards!

Get names, watch for 0800 numbers as it used to gain contact with you, dont give details over the phone, its time to stop theses idiots.


  • John says:

    They all use false names in any case. Get everything in writing, do not phone them and make life as difficult for them, as they are making it for you. Don’t trust anything they say or do!

    Question everything they do and say. They continually botch cases up and for all you know they have deliberately miscalculated in order to screw more money from you.

    In essence, the system is a complete shambles coupled with incompetence beyond belief. The more who challenge them and complain, the more chance of getting the current debacle shut down and a more accountable, methodical system put in it’s place.

    Why does the government need thousands of civil servants and an under handed corrupt system? It is not cost effective as it costs more to administer than it collects!

    If other members of the public would have been treated the way that the CSA treat decent, honest people, there would be a major investigation and mass protests on the streets! hence the corruption and colliusion.

    Treating decent people like scum will come back to haunt these incompetent oafs and I for one sincerely hope that they get their comeuppance!

  • KMcQ79 says:

    John says ‘they have deliberately miscalculated in order to screw more money from you.’
    I don’t think that’s always the case.
    What I think does happen is they think of a figure,on the higher side,and send you a letter informing you of ‘your’ calculation.
    Always,always check each and every calculation they send you.
    Could be worth a lot over the years.

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