Ex and CSA hell bent on destroying me

September 20, 2015

Had to go to court because my ex husband would not let me see my children they were 3 and 1 they are only 3 and 5 now.

Left him because he was a control freak and was phycologically abusing me. He gained custody of the children I was moving back to Scotland, he lives in England. I lost my job and had no family in England which is why I was having to move back to Scotland.

He has kept his full time job while my children get passed around for people to look after them. He earn 55k per year.

I have to pay £250 per month to pay for all the travel to see them 8 times per year. He gets £576 per month from me through CSA.

Gets better! I get paid by my company a company car allowance which I need to do my job and guess what come next tax year once figures are in that gets included in what his entitlement is! Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated as I’m at rock bottom he’s hell bent on destroying me which he’s doing a pretty good job of.


  • Gonk says:

    Your post is not common in as far as its usually the father that’s getting screwed by the mother and csa.
    It’s disgusting I know, that these bastards can use your car allowance when assessing how much you pay.
    I went through it as well and argued that I need the car to get to work in order to pay the vultures.
    Their answer was very useful and helpful…….pmsl……”get a job closer to home where you can walk to work or get a short bus ride” yes, that was their answer…..I was lost for words…….well almost, managed 1 WANKERS
    good luck, you will need plenty of it

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