Every time you phone the CSA you speak to someone different

September 21, 2012

For the last 9 years I have had to phone the CSA asking where my money is for some reason my case is clerical and it is always a problem. Up to now the CSA owes me £1400,40P the lies they make up is unreal.

  1. they have not received any monies from employer.
  2. its a clerical case.
  3. my ex does not have to pay for my eldest so it will take a couple of weeks to sort out never mind about my other child.
  4. after saying they have not received no monies and its arrears of £1,400.40p they have refunded my ex husband back the money a complete lie as my ex as got all his payslips to prove the money was taken out of his wages every month and his employer was told to keep paying for my eldest until he receives a letter from them to stop.

13th of March was the last time I had money from the CSA of £192 paid into my bank.

Every time you phone them it is a different case worker talking complete SHIT I will be going to see a solicitor and my children can take them to court.


  • j says:

    It does kind of make you wonder what the csa are actually for doesn’t it? I mean if a NRP mum or dad is trying to avoid paying a reasonable share for the upbringing of their child then of course they should be pursued and supported in facing up to their responsibility.
    On the other hand, if that were really the reason for the csa to exist then you would reasonably assume that they would A. get their calculations right, (so there would be no need for sites like this) and B. pass on the maintenance payment as a matter of urgency.
    So what happens to the money the csa collect? Perhaps the DWP have it ‘resting’ in an offshore account somewhere, perhaps its being used to bail out some poor hard up banker somewhere, perhaps it forms part of a £500 million aid package to help ‘terrorists’ (or even rebels) overthrow some sovreign government somewhere.

    The csa seems to be nothing more than a sham, a ‘tax’ collection exercise allowing the government to use our money to earn interest in an overnight ponzi scheme while providing a non job for unemployable low grade civil servants.

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