Every father should strike and not pay a penny to the CSA

February 6, 2013

Ok, I don’t really want to state the obvious here about every parent should support there kids ect…

I say fuck the csa, I’m prepared to go to prision rather than go thru one more min of there abusive tactics.

If every single father don’t pay a penny what’s the worst that’s going to happen?

In my opinion your all a bunch of bottle jobs, I’ve been thru every situation you can imagine, I agree it’s all corrupt blah blah blah LETS GO ON FXXXING STRIKE I will stand at the front of the line I don’t give a sxxx We all love our kids, the csa know this BUT OUR COUNTRY RINSE US OUT WITH TV ADDS TO SAVE AN F-Ing tiger in timbuck 2!

Wake up dads, this is a poll tax situation.



  • carol says:

    Indeed Peter,

    And not everyone can go self employed. Not everyone wants to.

    If nrp’s went on strike, for debates sake, then it just fulfills the prophecy that nrp’s are responsibility shirkers and taking away from their children.

    I know this would be the case in every case, because just being treat fairly, with consideration, is all nrps want, instead of the fist thumping, rigid way we are at present.

    Sad fact is that this strike action will happen naturally anyway. Keep taking 40% or even 15% from peoples wages, is enough to sink them. I know it is me. So we will lose jobs, end up on dole, and it could all go downhill from there depending on how far the CSA want their arrears. If go to jail, you would lose housing benefit so you would come back out with either big rent arrears or no house at all.

    Sometimes I just feel like giving up, moving out, and going homeless. Tired of fighting and worrying about being forced into further poverty and debt, and losing it all, over a bastard ex who is a crap parent to our child.

  • carol says:

    *I know this would’nt be the case in every case, because just being treat fairly, with consideration, is all nrps want, instead of the fist thumping, rigid way we are treat at present.

    sometimes them words dont hit the page and make me look ‘fick’ ; )

  • Sally says:

    lol lol Carol…. if I was to count the amount of typos and grammatical errors I have made in my post people might actually think I was a CSA member of staff…. I got a simple calculation wrong the other day and it did make me look ‘fick’… hey ho…

    it’s our opinions and experiences that bring us here, not our perfectionism… (is that a word? lol).

    @ LIfesaver – I think some NRP’s are exhaustes with the stress of dealing with the incompetent CSA staff…. and it’s adhoc rule changes… I wish with all my heart that all the MP’s and Senior staff at the CSA could be forced to live as we do for one year, I think things would quickly change….

    @ Joel Pasley – great idea but the government would only fund a new multi-million pound building at our (the taxpayers) expense and any MP’s that were killed during the fire would only be replaced by more narrow minded leeches….. 🙁

    People used to call me a ray of sunshine before te CSA took over my life…. lol lol 🙂

  • John says:

    I have no choice stitched up with DEO. However, I have a few scores to settle with the CSA and others,

    i’m hoping for some restorative justice, when the Supreme court and European judges rule against the CSA and close the f””””g thing down

    Preferably, i would like to see the CSA/DWP and politicians squirm in front of a judge and explain to them why they have treated a decent/ law abiding father as a criminal, when I have paid my dues and been treated disgracefully through incompetence and maladministration,

    However, if a situation ever arises where I can stick the boot into this lot, I would take it,because of the way the have treated me!

    Good luck to all in bringing down these shysters

  • j says:

    Hi Lifesaver,

    Interesting post, not sure there are any Tigers in Timbuktu but I get the point. Plenty of french there at the moment saving the locals from the al ciada threat in the name of holy uranium for french power stations so they can sell it to us at double the price but thats another story.

    I do agree with your idea, in fact I gave up my job rather than work for less money than I would have got on benefits. I did have some ‘contributor’ come on here and have a go at me about my stance, perhaps you should remonstrate with them, you seem to have a way with words.

    My partner supported me and I went to back to edukashon rather than do nothing at all. Then I got sick, now I don’t care anymore. ‘When you aint got nothing you got nothing to lose’ – Bob Dylan.

    I even thought of chaining myself to the gates of the csa and covering myself with petrol while having a fag, but I don’t smoke anymore, can’t afford the petrol and it wouldn’t change anything, perhaps if Ian Duncan Smith took my place…? Now there’s a thought.

    Not enough people affected for a strike to work. I don’t condone illegal direct action but these days thats all that seems to work though burning down a csa office probably wouldnt do much to change current policy.

    As Sally said – “…any MP’s that were killed during the fire would only be replaced by more narrow minded leeches…”

    Remember – “Victory attained by violence is tantamount to a defeat, for it is momentary.” Satyagraha Leaflet No. 13 ( 3 May 1919)

    Still if we all keep fighting the cost of running this ‘corrupt ponzi scheme’ will become excessive and they will have to find something else for the low grade civil servants to do with their time.

    I’ll join you at the front of the line so thats two of us, give it time and more will follow.

    Good luck

    Ps Hi Sally and Carol, did either of you have an appeal (appeals tribunal) heard out of time? Sorry to ask, someone commented on my own situation a while back and I’m just trying to get some info. If it wasnt you no probs, just asking.

  • carol says:

    LOL @Sally…. based on your “gramical” [;p] errors, likened to the csa, I am now nervous about sending in WEEKLY pay slips to the csa….can you imagine the opportunities to make a pigs ear of calculations? “Expensive Arrears Dibacle party, table for one please!”

    @ j …no Ive not been doing anything ‘appealing’, havent the strength tbh. As for working full time for less than part time wages…I hear ya… I keep going over and over figures and nothing adds up. Its the cost of living and their imagined cost of living and what counts as essential bills that sealed the coffin for me. So, as per the csa’s own advice, only work 16hrs or slightly less, and they will just take the £5 out. Will do this until I get trained up to earn more £ph and even hopefully do an open university course for nursing (only way I have a chance to do nursing, even then its slim) Only then might I be able to exist frugally AND pay maintenance. Going to have to forget its paying for some alcoholic, and just hope it makes some positive difference to my childs life other than a hungover wingnut taking it out on our child.


    We have the right to live and see our children – end of.

    Before some pwc’s kick off, just try it.

  • carol says:

    i meant try it as in have all your benefits and wtc and any income sliced by 15% plus. It really puts you in a deep shortfall, especially when your single, as I am.

  • j says:

    “@ j …no Ive not been doing anything ‘appealing’, havent the strength tbh.”

    Don’t despair, I’m sure you are very appealing!!! Cheer up, you would make a good nurse, got the right caring attitude if your posts are anything to go on.

    Thanks for answering my question, hope Sally sees it. I wonder who it was, if you see it in any (old) posts you flick thru let me know. Thanx. (appeals tribunal heard an appeal years ‘out of time’)

    I have some idea of your situation, have been a PWC, got nothing from the csa or the ex. Now I’m an NRP I’m a target? Makes you think.

    I’m now telling everyone who gets divorced/separated to go onto the benefits system if they can, give up your work, forget the BMW and plasma TV, if we all cost the state (and the economy) much much more than they collect then perhaps they will shut down the csa and put the whole issue back into the courts where it belongs!

    Really hope you get onto your course though. Good luck to you.

  • Lifesaver says:

    I’ve heard it all LIKE WE ALL HAVE, we can all rant on with new stories BUT WE NEED TO STOP THAT!

    we need to act NOW!

    I suggest we pick a date where as many of us can agree to stop paying the csa, put that money to one side FOR OUR KIDS!

    Turn up in the thousands to an office in the middle of the country, BE PREPARED TO DIE FOR OUR RIGHTS OR…
    Let these barstuuurd csa kill us slowly one by one without even a whisper from US!!


    It’s either act now OR…
    Stfu and deal with it, are you IN? or out.
    Time will tell, I have said enough, heard enough and been thru enough 10 times over LIKE MOST HERE!

    Best wishes to all that suffer to the hands of our executioners.

  • Sally says:


    I hope everyone is well this evening?

    @ j. No I’m sorry J. Wasn’t me either… We don’t have any hearing or appeals coming up soon… We seem to be having a little respite from the CSA ‘harassment’ at the moment… 3 years of hell…. A rest is deserved…. Lol lol

    The PWC gets the maximum she can based on my partners income, the fabricated arrears that our MP helped ‘reduce’ are almost clear ….. but im not holding my breath. on a positive note The CSA can’t do anything to me personally now as I have sorted out all my finances so that we will be more secure (nothing is in my partners name) – I bought into his mortgage one year, found out CSA could force sale (if required) so we sold the house the following year a and bought another in my name and he is my ‘tenant’. It’s taken just over a year to get it all sorted… But it’s a huge weight off our mind….

    Our next step is for my partner to return to college to ‘study’ as he will pay almost nothing in child maintenance to the PWC… We will then be able to give TO the kids… Instead of the ex…. 🙂 I have learned a lot from ‘chall’ (initially) and ‘Alice’ (more recently)…. It’s all ‘legal’ and guess what…. The kids won’t be losing out… They will now receive money/gifts etc from both parents rather than the PWC claiming she pays or ‘everything’….

    @ Carol… Regarding my ‘mis-calculation’ the other day….. Our ‘night in shining Alice’ saved the day within minutes of my post…. She let the author know my error…. Lol lol lol

    Anywhoo guys, I enjoy reading all comments and @ gonk I have missed your cheeky banter…

    I’ll have a sift through older posts and see if I can find what you’re looking for j. …

    Night for now.. Xx

  • Sally says:

    @ carol, as I was saying… Spelling, typos… Lol lol my comment should have bee “Knight in shining Alice”… 🙂 lol night!

  • karen bedford says:

    Some of these comments are the reasons why children are in poverty and going without. You are disgraceful and should never have had children – you disgust me!

  • Sally says:

    @ Karen…. There are lots of reasons why children are in poverty:

    1) the CSA
    2) the government
    3) the CSA
    4) greed PWC (who spen the money on theselves instead of their children – our situation)
    5) the CSA
    6) absent fathers who do not pay A PENNY towards their kids
    7) the CSA

    But let’s forget about the money for a moment….. There are thousands and thousands of children growing up without both parents in their life because the CSA/government has forced a wedge between parents – that disgusts me more than the money!!!

    I hope you have a very pleasant day!!

  • j says:

    OMG I just can’t believe some of the comments on here, some of these comments are the reason why the csa continue to get away with it and children get hurt –

    “karen bedford on February 7th, 2013 7:05 am

    Some of these comments are the reasons why children are in poverty and going without. You are disgraceful and should never have had children – you disgust me!”

    Maybe they have not actually read the posts about ruined relationships, destroyed families and hurt children? Maybe they are so narrow minded they have tunnel vision and can’t see past their own insular opinions? Maybe they just don’t care?

    I’m still trying to figure out how a PWC who doesn’t get the money paid over to the csa is a ‘benefit’ to the child? How money collected and paid to the Secretary of State helps a child? How the financial ruination through oppressive ‘tax collection’ helps a child? How the suicide of an emotionally abused parent helps a child?

    Some of these ‘misinformed’ comments on here are the reason the csa continue to get away with it and why children are in poverty and going without. They are disgraceful and should never have had children – They disgust me!

    BTW Sally, thanks for your reply.
    For the purpose of equality can I add to your list –

    8) absent mothers who do not pay A PENNY towards their kids

    It does happen.

  • John says:


    1) Why do you think that people are posting on here? The clue is in the web page title.
    2) A child/children are borne .of BOTH parents and not just the pwc., who with the CSA and government, seem to think that they have ownership rights!
    3) Having beeen a victim of this shambolic lot for 13 years, and more than paid my dues, I think that I am qualified to give my opinion.
    4) £3.8 billion pounds remains uncollected by the CSA, and yet they repeatedly target those who do pay.Tthere are people over-paying, under-paying and lots not paying at all. That is shambolic, unfair and breaches Human rightts.
    5) I have been both an NRP and PWC, and the discrimination of being a male PWC is shocking in the way that I was treated. .

    I totally agree with Sallys’ final comment and just to make my point to the CSA and the PWC, two of my children have been written out of any inheritance from me. I have told them to take it up with their mother and the CSA.

  • Gonk says:

    Like John….I’m fucked!!!! By these bastards with a DEO
    Hell…I’d love to see the back of this filth,this bottom dwelling pond life that cares about fuck all but the treasury….it makes my blood boil to think that I’m TOLD by this bastard government how to support my kid…arseholes all of them

  • Shepard says:

    i nearly had to quit my job because of the CSA tits, taking more money than i was lef with out my wage that i work very hard for, the csa should not be allowed to just take cash, they should take what you can afford

  • lisa says:

    The fairness is always siding with the PWC where the CSA are concerned, like abroad it should be one set amount per child regardless of pay, if this shower of shite helped parents instead of lying to both and turning them against each other we might be able to have a united front, unfortunatly the government of this country have other ideas, BOYCOTT the lot STRIKE for what you belive in,, its all one sided from PWC as usual, all bollocks,

  • Sally says:

    @ Lisa – you’ve hit the nail on the head when you state that the CSA lie to turn the NRP and PWC against each other!!! The do it intentionally!!!

    Unfortunately there are some stupid greedy PWCs who jump on the band-wagon because they feel (or have been told by the CSA) that they are ‘entitled’ to their ex money and that becasue they are the PWC they can spend it how they like… it really makes my blood boil!!!

    I agree that both parents should pay for their kids but it needs to be a reasonable amount… PWCs already get child benefit, child tax credit and working tax credits (where applicable) to help with the kids… NONE of which has come directly out of the PWC pocket!!!! So why they feel as though they then deserve lots more from the NRP (who gets NO financial help at all!!!) is beyond me!!!

  • lisa says:

    Womans choice to get pregnant and have a child, it should also in that case be a womans choice to financially support that offspring, unless of course we bring in signed contracts between both parents that it was a joint decision to have said child/ren, at the end of the day far to many women are running to CSA pleading poverty and wanting more money! Its just not very fair that a woman can cause a mans world to crash around his feet regardless of whether they actually gave consent to wanting a child, how many times sickeningly i have read stories on here about men being charged for children that turn out not actually to be theres is disgusting and to be fair the woman who has had the child probably doesnt know who the dad is, The csa dont give 2 hoots for that bloke do they

  • lisa says:

    @ Sally, i was on a forum the other week a woman was boasting about this 15k her ex owed her, its not her friggin money, its for the kids if im not wrong, and lets be honest, your more likely to get hit by a bus then see that money from your ex,

  • Sally says:

    And that is why I get annoyed…. Adults (PWC and NPR) should WANT to work and have self respect and to teach their kids that hard work pays off, but our government have promoted an environment that breeds greedy women who expect to be kept by men by producing children….it’s an easy meal ticket… NRPs are shafted constantly and as an NRPP it sickens me….. I would never see my partners ex go without, however, I grudge paying for his ex to go on holiday with her while the kids are sitting telling us what the mother is buying for HERSELF…. Or the house!!

  • Sally says:

    Typo!! Not his ex go without… His kids!!! God… I’d watch his ex starve… 🙂

  • carol says:

    Bloody loads been posted since I read this thread lol!

    Agree with a lot of posts here (except karens of course, but even then I guess shes entitled to her opinion, wonder if you can DEO opinions on forums?? worf a try huh)….

    cheers j for nice post xx ..yes it is interesting and makes you think about being both a pwc and nrp and the difference in consideration

    …and cheers sally for the laughs too….thats some plan you got going on there and power to you. Now you can care for and treat all of your children, rather than a pwc. Result

    After looking at my situation again, I realise that I shall have to approach my ex. Well my solicitor will. He will be offered a private weekly payment, anything from £5 to £25, which is in line with agency work and the amount I can earn at least and at most, based on my calculations. Now you would think that a man caring for his child would accept this, because at least it is better than the £3.75 he gets presently (out of the £5 per week I get taken off my benefit via the csa). It will be made clear that this is my offer, based on my financial income and circumstances, and so if he decideds to refuse and stay with the csa, then he will continue to receive his usual £3.75 per week.

    But knowing my ex, he will put the needs of his child aside, and continue to play games, so will likely refuse, thinking he has won. What he wont see is that he is actually taking away from his child. If he does this then people will also see that he is using our child as a weapon.

    That is my stand for now. The idea of protesting, whilst some paid undercover plod start causing aggro, simply so their collegues can ride in on their horses and kettle them. And lets be honest…who has the spare money to be going to a protest miles away?

    Just keep strong and hope that one day maintenance will be based fairly on outgoings not net income or any other income.

  • carol says:

    Sally gonna come round your house and install idiot proof spell check : p

  • Sally says:

    @ carol… Aha ha ha I text on my iPad and its with one finger… Lol lol my spelling is much better on my works computer… Lol lol 😉 x

  • j says:

    “carol on February 15th, 2013 8:27 pm

    Sally gonna come round your house and install idiot proof spell check : p”

    Just had to comment – for the record, I did wonder about my own spelling, thought it was the wine, then I thought my spellcheck was in azerbajani!!! I have just been watching my poor old laptop and the keys are just not doing their job properly. I cant afford a new one (didnt get any maintenance or csa help hahaha) so please forgive me if my words are a bit garbled.
    (or maybe it is the wine???)

  • carol says:

    An Ipad sally?? tut tut..you are a cruel selfish woman for working to buy yourself an ipad…. *going to leave that there…lol*

    @ j ….LOL….touche….hey, sally can afford an ipad, why dont you make a claim for csa against her? *i didnt leave it there, did I?* sigh…

  • lisa says:

    J, its definitly the wine luv, see im the same wiv my spelling when alcohol is involved, 🙂

  • j says:

    No you didn’t, more wine?

    I use all my fingers … and my spilling is still shet.

    Enough of this frivolity, enough I say.

  • carol says:

    Ah dont really drink anymore. But if I did, a nice glass of quality red with a rump steak (beef, not horse) would not be sniffed at.

    Instead I am off to have a bath, with salt, only 90p a kilo and I feel like Im in a spa. Frugality has its moments.

    Bye for now, folks. x

  • Sally says:

    Lol lol Carol…. I’m better at spelling when alcohol is involved… It’s automatic pilot… 🙂

    Hope you are well j. I’m just about to pour a large white… Cheers to you both 🙂

  • Stuart says:

    My then wife left me for another man before my son reached his second birthday, this a year after losing my job and just over two years of going through a vasectomy reversal just so she could have a child. (I had two from previous marriage. Anyway, baboon face stated she’d never ask for support as it was her fault. As I was no longer earning I couldn’t support, but promised once I was on my feet I would still support my child. I got a job (min wage) and before I even had a chance to get on my feet my wages were arrested by the Wife Support Agency. Eventually they allowed me to pay by S/O but due to more lies from the biggest Liar since Billy, they have claimed more money from me and I can’t do a thing about it. It’s not much (ex amount of nights access per year – temporary arrangement I agreed to for my son’s sake and the snake slithered straight to the land of the Vipers that is the CSA.) but it’s the principle that gets me. Like others who have commented here, I often feel cardboard city would be preferable. It’s not like she spends it on the one who it’s supposed to be for. She sent him on my weekend with not even a pair of gloves when it was sub-zero. Caring mother? As Jim Royle would say, MY ARSE!

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