Every CSA worker I’ve spoken to has just palmed me off

October 23, 2013

im paying 700 quid a week csa for my 2 kids leaving me 300 a week correct me if im wrong but i thaught they couldnt take less than 40 percent from u ???

i have been waiting for over a year for the csa to pull there finger out of there bum holes and this morning when i rang they told me the file had been closed ??? wtf!!!

so its blatently obvioUs every csa person ive spoke to has just been palming me off with a load of bull sxxt!!!! dont get me wrong i am happy to pay csa but not double the amount im meant to paying and the best thing is the kids arnt even fxxxxxg gettin it!!!!!!


  • Lisa says:

    They are Robbin you plain and simple, join child support agency ripoffs on Facebook we can show you how to deal with them and probably get payments reduced this is wrong what they are doing mate

  • KMcQ80 says:

    A great example of why you should never, ever deal with the CSA by telephone only in writing and keep a copy of all letters sent and received in date order.
    Of course they palm you off because the system is so complicated they don’t understand it themselves.
    If they did they would work for a private company offering advice to NRP like you and me!

  • John says:

    As usual from me………….go to your M.P. involve them, and ask your M.P. why you are being demonised, criminalised and impoverished regarding YOUR children. Not the governments children, not the CSA’s children YOUR children.

    Ask your M.P. to raise your case with the ombudsman and ask that the Chief executive at the CSA is made aware of your complaints!

    This disgraceful system, should be shut down and outlawed!

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