Even my MP seems uninterested in helping me?

August 19, 2014

From 2004 to 2009 my csa payments never got into arrears then in june 2009 i was made redundant i could not find any work in the building trade with any building company in a 20 mile radius so the only thing i could do was to try to find my own work by going self employed which took time but after a month work started to come in.

Because i had been worried about finding work i failed to notify the csa in june i had been made redundant but i did call them by the end of july 2009 i told them i had been made redundant and needed to be reacessed.

At that time i also informed them i was receiveing another persons mail from them i told them this person did not live at my address and to stop sending it not only did i not receive my forms to be reacessed but they kept sending this persons mail to me which i now have 5 years worth.

In late 2009 and start of 2010 i was receiveing letters from the enforcement team of csa i rang them up and they said i owed that amount of money i said can i ask you a question this man said yes i then said to him i was made redundant do i have the wright to be reacessed he said yes you do i then said to him well perhaps you will tell the csa to send the forms i need as i am still waiting for them and have been since july 2009 but all i got was phone calls between 7-30pm and 8pm for quite some time demanding this money or go to court.

I said take me to court as i do not owe that amount of money all i was told by this man was well we will see you in court i said yes you will then after a few weeks i started getting letters from a company.

I rang them up spoke to this man told him that i did not owe the amount of money the csa was after but i did owe money because they had failed to send me forms to reacess me when i had asked for them and i told this man i want to go to court so tell them to take me the next day i had another letter from them from another man hand delivered to my post box so i rang the man from day before i said look i told you yesterday to tell the csa to take me to court he said i did tell them i then said to him why wont they take me to court he said i dont know i must admit i find that strange.

Buy the way he told me he was recording our conversation i live in stowmarket when the csa thought they would take me to court i had court letters from norwich and lowestoft which are miles from me and i wrote to both courts explaining why i needed to be heared at ipswich or bury st edmunds courts.

I had told a member of the csa some time ago that any court appearence they wanted me to attend would have to be ipswich or bury which she sent me a letter stating she had passed on that information i even got in contact with david ruffley MP he ask me to write down some questions i wanted answered i did but all i got back from this man was a complete lack of interest.

I sent him a letter which i received from csa with my comments on because the csa have been charging me the same amount of arrears since i was laid off till they actually reasessed me in the letter it states we would never contact your employer but they did so they actually lied about that fact.

I have asked for the return of this letter from david ruffley but he has not sent it back maybe its because when he lost interest in my problem he realized i had found out he had not asked the questions i had ask him to get answers too and the fact in my last email to him i said i am still waiting for the return of my letter and if i did not hear back from him by the 12 september i would go public.

Now there is still alot of detail and evidence to give which i am holding proof of i would gladly talk to any radio or television show about this matter as alot of fathers are being ripped off by the csa i challenge david ruffley to meet me face to face weather it be radio or tv show.


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  1. SkippyDo2 on August 19th, 2014 7:52 am

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  2. David Mortimer on August 19th, 2014 8:15 am

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  3. David Howie on August 19th, 2014 8:15 am

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  4. John on August 19th, 2014 8:48 am

    A couple of routes that you could go down are PHSO, which is the Parliamentary Ombudsman and deals with maladministration complaints regarding the CSA.

    You also complain to the Parliamentary standards commission regarding your M.P.

    However, be warned, they are all as thick as thieves and they will lead you down blind alleys and then begin to ignore you, as you cause them problems that they know that they should deal with…..but they close ranks!

    Regarding the radio/media, they are into a thing called ‘common purpose’, whereby they conspire with all government departments not to report anything detrimental about the government. Look up ‘common purpose’ on internet. Solicitors are also in on the scam, in ensuring non resident parents are demonised and ostracized for daring to challenge, the ‘not fit for purpose’, ‘shambles’ known as the CSA!

    Good luck!

  5. Stephen Hooper on August 19th, 2014 9:45 am

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