Escaped CSA payments by moving to America

June 2, 2011

My daughters husband left her to bring up 3 young children, he went to USA with women he had met on internet. She met a man who was willing to bring up her children, ll years on they are still very happy. But not always the case. Her partner had two children with his ex wife. She bought up the daughter he bought up the son, this went on for 10years with no payments from either side. Once the son who was two years older than the daughter left school his ex went to the CSA. To cut the story short he was ordered to pay 120.00 per week, this included maintenance and arrears.Because his take home pay was only 250.00 he had to take out a loan. The CSA would not take into account that he bought the son up or that he was supporting another mans 3 children.

He was told that he was not responsible for the children that were not his. But when my daughter declared that he was living with her, all benefits were stopped, she was unable to work because all children so young, she was told by the social that because her parther lived with her he was responsible. Her ex husband has never paid a single penny but because he is in America nothing can be done.

CSA say he is not responsible, social say he is. Without help from me my grandchildren would have gone without food, shoes etc.


  • rach says:

    this is one of the reasons why the csa should be scrapped completely! they really do not care about the non qualifying children and heap so much poverty on to them its unreal. get your mp involved and let them know what a vile organisation the csa is, appeal all the csa decisions and put in complaints to the independent case examiner, it will be a long hard struggle but theres not much more i can tell you except that your daughter is not alone there a far too many others going through the exact same thing

  • Brian says:

    Yep its terrible and yes effects bouth sides in very different ways. NO ONE WINS except the CSA! One good guy had his home taken and he is homeless. Do the CSA care nope and yet to this day his is hounded for money because of his ruthless EX.


  • terry scott says:

    Yep the CSA are not fit for purpose. We must not except this and the public perception is its for the chidren! How wrong..the CSA is for mothers and the government.


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