Equal custody so no payments to be made

May 5, 2012

I find the CSA will say anything to get you off the phone!!! In January 2011 I had an altercation with my ex as she was unwilling to have our son over new year ( I should explain we have shared care 3 1/2 days each) this resulted in her contacting the CSA in anger and declairing I have little or no contact with my son, a few days later I get a schedule from the CSA to say I know need to make payments of £5 per week, I contacted the CSA explained we have equal custody and they agreed no payments to be made, I thought that was the end of that.

In april I get another scheduale saying my payments have increased to £21 per week, again rang up and explained i was told it was a system error and ignore it. In May the CSA had gone to court without my knowledge and had a deduction order enforced on me for £45.15 per week ( I earn £200 per week by the way)angry my phonecalls wasn’t working I wrote to them outlining dates receipts etc to prove I had my son as I said, when to my supprise they said they needed more evidence ??????? whatever that means.

Now that they had there claws in me and (I love this one) after a review of my case in August my payments will increase to £65 per week, Depesite this I complained to there department and got a crappy letter back from one end of the country and a positive response from the other ( if ever a definition of the left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing this would be it) I was advised to escalate it to a tribunal which I have done and await a date in the future, however in the meantime the HELL that is the CSA continues , November I get another schedule saying the next 7 payments will be £96 per week then down to £29 there after, Again no reason for this but the choice is, come out of my £200 per week job or carry on get into further debt and hope it will come right, I chose to carry on, In january I contacted them again and Halleluya they have accepted my evidence to shared care and will process the change straight away, I wish this was the end of the matter but its not, after contacting them Feb,March and April then yesterday they RANG ME yes I was shocked only to tell me they have accepted the shared care and the change will happen straight away ( it hasn’t happened since they accepted the change 6 months ago so i can be forgiven this is just another tale to be told, I hear so many stories of fathers not playing there role in contact or support yet it staggers belief I am not one of those and yet through one bitter phonecall 19 months ago I am living in shere hell because of it and heres the sad part its my son ultumately who suffers as I simply dont have the money to take him places or buy him the best, I can bareley afford the mortgage and utilities.


  • david says:

    hello mate your are not alone I am living the same hell thanks to these moronic useless idiots

  • jay. says:

    Your ex needs to close the case and have monies written off, else I’m sorry to say csa will always be hounding you. If you feel at a loose end go and see your mp asap. Good luck

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