Empty Promises from the CSA

February 13, 2012

My ex husband walked out on me in March 2006. My son was still resident with me & remained so for quite some time. During this time W (my ex) lied to the CSA about his income (he is self employed) and I only received a pittance in maintenance and most of the time nothing. I took my case to a tribunal which found in my favour and adjusted the figures according to their calculations.

He was informed he had to pay an ammount in arrears and then a much highter amount going forward. I was so relieved as had been struggling to make ends meet and with out help from my family and a very patient & long suffering landlord, I (and my son) would have gone under completely and ended up homeless. My celebration was short lived howwver as W totally ignored the tribunal and continued to pay nothing. I have estimated (using CSA figures) that I am still owed approx £5,000 in unpaid maintenance and despite many promises that they would do something about it, the CSA never have and as far as I can see, have no intention of doing.

I was repeatedly told about all the great powers they had to enforce their decisions and yet we are now in 2012 and I am still waiting. The situation is now compounde by the fact that he has my sin living with him (through more lies & propagander) and had the cheek to make a claim against me!

As I am not self employed (and not a liar) I have no choice but to pay him money every month despite the fact that he earns about 5 times what i earn & lives in a huge 4 bed detached house whilst I and my new husband had no choice but to buy a run down ex council house in a rough area and struggle to make ends meet every single month. We have large credit card debts as well and I can see no way out of the mess thath we are in as the more i earn, the more I have to give him.

I am so angry with the whole situation and that no-one seems to be in the slightest bit interested. I cannot afford legal representation and have tried doing everything by the book and it has got me nowhere. Those who choose to lie and cheat seem to get away with murder and face no consequences. IT IS ALL WRONG.


  • chall says:

    Hi Rosalind,

    The agency should still enforce recovery of the amount owed to you.

    Have you escalated this to a complaint and requested assistance from your local MP?

    chall ~ afairercsaforall

  • Terry norris says:

    Your case is unusual because normally its the man that get the raw deal.its is soooo so wrong I agree ,that the parent that needs the money the least gets the fucking lot and more. A typical case that I hear sooo many times where the NRP is raped for cash by this scum despite the PWC not needing the cash because their new partner is wealthy and they and the kids want for nothing,at least 2 hols a year, nice car for them,big house etc etc …..but the NRP who is struggling to make ends meet,gets fuck all help AND if he or she meets a new partner ? The bastard csa will take some of their money as well because the NRP is regarded as having a second income coming in.HOW IN GODS NAME IS THAT FAIR ??? They DON’T take into account the rich partner that the PWC has met and thus reduce the amount the NRP is forced to pay ….WHY ?????
    The system is total bollocks and soooo damm unfair beyond believe. HOW THE HELL DOES THE CSA NOT INCLUDE ANY BILLS MORGAGE PAYMENTS into the calculations when assessing payments? What the fuck is that all about.They just don’t give a shit if you had to sell your house to pay them…rich ain’t it…how’s that supposed to be looking out for the kids welfare if a parents home is gone as a direct result of the fucking csa scumbags ????

  • Brian says:

    Hi Terry

    100% agree we need an Anti-CSA action group setup to represent everyone who uses these forums. Advice is worthy but we need action.

    The CSA love the fact eveyone is isolated in their pain, frustration and the single person your the “under dog” mentallity.

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