Earn money from the CSA by having children now!

July 16, 2012

Think you can’t afford to have children? THINK AGAIN! The CSA is here to help.

Are you bored of working 9 – 5? Sick of that boss telling you what to do? Become your own boss and start earning some real money! Do you have children? If not, have a child today and find out what you are entitled to receive! you could receive a house! a new car! a guaranteed fixed sum of cash every month! Having a child at other peoples expense could be the best decision you ever made!

No qualifications, skills or experience is needed to have a child, it’s as easy as 1, 2 , 3. Start having children today and see the cash come flooding in!

You will never need to work for that tiresome boss again, just keep having children and you will have a free ride for life. To guarantee a good amount of income have children from different fathers and reap the benefits.

Call the CSA today and we will give you a free quote, remember ladies, more children = more money! Children with disabilities could earn you extra!


  • Miss C Hall says:


  • Sally says:

    You have it in a nutshell……. and the sad fact is….. every word of it is true…..

    I wonder how many people will contact the CSA to ask for advice lol lol

  • Miss C Hall says:

    I dont know how many people will get in touch with those nightmare lot. I feel sorry for all those people out there that want kids and cannot have em and those lot of low life females that go out there and have them for the free ride . Is disgusting should be stopped now. I was a mum and always worked and supported my child but people like those women go out there having kids for a free meal ticket and get decent women a bad name. SHAME ON THEM ALL WHO DO IT SHOULD BE STERILISED THAT STOP THE BONE IDLE LOW LIFE WOMEN OUT THERE!!!!!!

  • terry north says:

    I am 100% in agreement with this classis but soooo true view of the csa and the mothers that exploit it.Easy cash for mothers..my ex left me because she was bored and putting it bluntly cant keep her legs closed and so left me for a german she was cyberwhoring with..my reward for this is being screwd for £320 a month for having a daughter thats been removed from my life through no fault of my own.And the csa just see kids as way to scew hard working parents( who are not against the principal of supporting their kids) of cash to top up the treasury pot thats emptied by these mothers and scroungers who see having kids as a free ride for life with all the trimmings.Its sad that most of us normal people see the piss that these people take out of the tax payers but not the government.
    Fuck off csa…we dont need you robbing bastards dictating and involving yourselfs in parents lives and just making matters worse by causing resentment and driving parents further apart because of your sick twisted antics and unfair,unjust robbery

  • jay. says:

    I kinda agree with this too, and I’m a woman….but please don’t tie the genuine cases with the women you describe above….

  • karen bedford says:

    Jay exactly, I didnt have children to get money, I supported mine in fact it was my ex – their father – the NRP who didnt pay because he didnt want to and went on to have more children by dif. woman that he didnt want to pay for because the tax payer can!

    I dont think your comment is helpful or necessary just because you have had a bad experience with this doesnt mean we all have and I dont take it out on everyone as I know there are many NRP – Fathers – who DO support their children and getting ripped off.

    I think the words ‘grow up’ come to mind here!

  • Sally says:

    Personally I think it’s great (and amazing) that someone still has a sense of humour after dealing with the CSA. I am a female and didn’t take it personally because I believe EVERYONE on this website who deals with the CSA are victims……

    Unfortunately there are women out there who abuse their position (as a PWC) by using the CSA rules to get more money from their ex’s (i.e. reducing overnight stays, lying to the CSA)…. equally, there are plenty men out there who would do anything to avoid paying for their kids… both are disgusting!!

    However, this comment is about how this person feels and that is what this website is all about…. sharing our thoughts, feelings and experiences of the CSA… it really did make me smile!

  • John says:

    I understand this cynical take on this ‘flawed’ system. I have seen quite a few newly registered flash cars being driven by single females…but that’s me being cynical and I may have it totally wrong.

    However, there are responsibilities when you become a parent and it is right that parents financially support their children.

    What I object to is being criminalised, hounded and funnelled into a system that is an abject failure and that discriminates against those who do conform and pay and those who ‘play the system’ or don’t pay! A system that takes the side of the PWC as a ‘money laundering’ operation for the government.

    What happens between parents regarding children, is a personal matter for them to sort out, with mediation and through the courts! NOT a crap system, run by incompetent oafs who repeatedly target those who do pay, and ‘let’s off’ or fils to investigate properly, those who don’t.

    The system is in dire need of root and branch reform, starting with the birth certificate and DNA tests. Once parenthood is established, then education and mediation should be the next step, in order that contact and finance issues are contractual and a breaches on wither side have consequences.

  • KMcQ80 says:

    The money from the CSA should be regarded as a bonus.
    The bread and butter cash comes from benefits, rent rebates etc.

    Yesterday the news was how the UK has becomethe most densely and overpopulated country in the west.
    This is one reason why.

  • Excityboy says:

    KMcQ80 is right. I think its disgraceful how they say pensioners are a drain on society…..How dare they!!!!!!! If it wasn’t for some of the older ones, we’d be speaking German right now. Sprog Droppers are the biggest drain and for some reason its us the voters and the CSA who let them get away with it.

  • Tom says:

    Couldn’t agree more!!!
    And as for Karen Bedford……droning on again!!! grow a sense of humour,you may stop being so bitter about everything including all men!!!

  • Carol says:

    You have to see this for what it is and I found it amusing in all honesty. The sad thing is some women do do the above!! The Government allow pwc to do this. The sad thing though for the pwc is what happens when they no longer have qualifying children??!

  • Sally says:

    @ Carol…. that is called Karma….unless the pwc tricks some other unsuspecting male into getting her pregnant….. cynical, I know but from my (limited) experience the PWC more often than not, has the ace card (the kids – control over access for more money) while the NRP is left with the joker card (CSA hounding them for money they cannot afford, with no ‘real’ rights)!!

  • Before i start i would like to say to Miss C Hall about people having children for a meal ticket–I was a single mum of 2, children am i a low life female ? How dare you judge all single women who have children.I worked as a nurse for 26,yrs joyrider,s put a end to that..Now i worked hard Miss C Hall to bring my 2,children up as i had to leave their father i was his punch bag..He never gave my children a penny and they never needed him .Also i brought my nephew up from he was 6,months until he was 10,yrs 6,months looked after my late mother…I got nothing from their father even though he had a great job ..MY CHILDREN ARE NOW 27 AND 25,YRS STILL LIVE AT HOME 2,GREAT LADS BOTH WENT TO QUEEN,S. So would you explain what i am ?

  • If you have a issue with csa then ask the MP to help investigate, and until the investigation is sorted any debt can not be taken, just the 15% one child and 20% for two children etc
    My child due to get 10% of her fathers wages, yet csa messed that up by doing a diductions of order behind our backs,
    now almost end of july and his refused to pay her 10% of his wages to his daughter, by 20th aug he will owe £627 in arreas and that just from the money of maintance direct,
    I do not get a free meal ticket as you say ,

    my daughter gets it all and she spends it as she wish’s
    Lucky for me she spends it on fun stuff she chooses to do for education,
    Dyspite my dyslexia, my child is extremely well educated, and has impressed everybody she comes across.

    I use to work and couldn’t get a penny from her father,
    since I had my injuries, it affects my choices of work,
    so again your post is very offensive,

    again if the csa are screwing you over then ask the MP to get involved, they not legally allowed to take funds unless they prove in a week to week break down of what you owe and how it accumilated to the amount you owe,

    as for access, it down to the children to choice access with absent parents or not, it is not your choice but the child’s and you must respect this,
    PWC does not hae to turn you against the child, the child will make their own mind up by what they see and experience and remeber from you and your actions,
    fighting with the PWC will only upset the children and this will turn the childdren against you,

    If children can have their way trhey would have mother and father together, or not to fight over money or access as the children will think its their fault,
    so stop this and remove the nasty comments, because when the children read these they will hate you for it, and why should you lose your children because you refuse to pay the minium amount of money to your children, if you was living together then you pay more then 10%/15% etc.
    man up and get over it, stop dodging your responsibilities, after all it takes two to have a child,
    the way you carry on, anybody would think you prefer money over your children,

  • Alice says:

    On the bus yesterday and overheard two ladies talking.One had 3 young children and was telling her friend that she was fed up with the school holidays and couldnt wait for the kids to get back to school.She also stated that her boyfriend had left her but she wasnt bothered because she had put a request in for CS against 20% of his wages ,and has for the third child if he turned out not to be his she would only have to pay £5.00 for the dna test a week(yes she is on benefits).The conversatation went on that she was thinking of having another kid because with her now being on benefits she would get more money and could take more money in CS.So in a way Scott is stating what some women are doing for extra money,but we honest and morale PWC are getting a bad name because of idiots like her who only turn out kids for the extra money it brings in.

  • Scott Taylor says:

    Struggling to find a job?

    Are you strapped for cash?

    Sick of making up injuries and disabilities?

    Well… STOP!

    Have you heard about the CSA? We are here to help females get easy access to instant cash!
    Delete that CV, throw away those smart clothes, sabotage those condoms and stop taking those birth control pills!

    Working for the CSA couldn’t be easier, we don’t ask for your CV, we don’t ask you to wear business dress, we don’t ask for your references! you choose where you work! and you choose the clients who will work for you!
    We are an equal opportunities employer and our rates will beat what the high street are paying those rats stuck in 9 – 5.
    If you have a vagina then be smart, play the game and win big!

    Call the CSA for a free quote and you might be pleasantly surprised to find that becoming a government contractor could be the best decision you ever made!

  • Sally says:

    @ educateathome…. Children DO NOT CHOOSE…. children are brainwashed by the PWC to believe that the NRP is unfair/selfish because of the PWCs lies and deceipt!!

    If the PWC was reasonable and fair then 80% of these cases would go away!!! the majority of claims and lies told by the PWC are told because of THEIR experience with the NRP, NOT the childs experience!!!

    I have watched my partners relationship with his children deteriorate to the point where they hardly see each other and do you know what caused it…. the PWCs jealousy and greed!!! the mother was happy with financial/access agreement until I came along and then she ‘demanded’ more money ….. the NRP paid (and continues to pay) MORE than CSA suggested but because the PWC sees we have a good lifestyle she has done everything she can to ruin it (including hurting her own kids), SHE has lied to her children to make their father out to be some kind of monster… denying she receives payment (we proved that with bank statements), she said their father beat her up when they were together (grandparents clarified that was NOT the case), SHE reduced the overnight stays and told the children that their father didn’t want or love them (his daughter told us this – in tears, broken hearted)!! His daughter was a walking wreck with the upset for around a year because of it!! She is now a withdrawn teenager who believes her father doesn’t love her “why would my mum lie”… was her question to him when he tried to explain to her!!!

    I feel that your view is very narrow minded – in an ideal world both parents will act in the best interests of their children but in some cases that is just not the case as the children are used as pawns and as a result the NRPs miss out on the most important part of the childs life!!!

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