Each person I speak to tells me something different

October 6, 2012

My case with the Csa has been open since 2004 and I wasn’t even aware of this. As of march this year I realised when sent a letter I had been having money sent into an account that didn’t even belong to me… The problem was rectified and I am still waiting on a backdated payment from these payments I didn’t receive. I was told 12 weeks to trace the account which was unsuccessful.

The 4-5 weeks past before I was told my case has been sent to the special payments team (who do not have a contact number) and it would take UP TO 6 weeks for me to get my payment.

I have been on the phone chasing this up as the 6 weeks is up on Tuesday, only to be told it can take upto 12 weeks. The service I have recieved from 80% of the staff that have taken my calls had been nothing short of incompetent. Each adviser tells me something different every single time!!! Or just don’t have a clue what to tell me.

This is now getting very frustrating and hopefully when my payment is sorted I don’t have to deal with the CSA AGAIN!


  • KMcQ80 says:

    ….and that is why you should only deal with the CSA by letter keeping a copy for yourself and all correspondent kept in date order.

  • j says:

    Dont deal with the csa by phone. Put everything in writing, send by recorded delivery, keep the receipts (and a copy), insist on a written response. Get your MP involved and ask them to advocate for you. Get a copy of your Data Protection prints (about £10). Good luck.

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