DWP claim I didn’t tell them what i was getting in child support

June 5, 2012

I am a single working mum and been dealing with the CSA for a few years now. While i was on benefits i was receiving child support but i declare everything and dwp took the excess money off me.

Csa decided i owed the treasury for over payment, they were told i didnt and they could obtain evidence of this. New case breakdown done and now i apparently owe 4x as much as i originally did and now money they receive for my children will be going to the treasury.

Oh yea guess what, no contact with the dwp to get the evidence to prove i declared all money owed. Now i am getting nothing.

I aint having none of it! I have now wrote to my mp for help failing that i will close my case down and my bank account so they cant get into it and try take anything.

And if they try to take me to court for money i will be laughing as i will be able to prove their failings.


  • jay. says:

    Have you written or contacted the dwp direct? I’m pretty sure they would have kept records of what was being paid to you. Also request a copy of your data file which costs a tenner, you’ll see for yourself what mistakes have been made. looks like they’re now after the pwc for back payments like the nrp for arrears…no-one is safe with these money stealing b*****ds! Mp sounds a good call, also email Ian Duncan smith with your complaint.

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