Due to CSA I didn’t see my daughter on Father’s Day

June 24, 2014

I have 2 children with separate former partners, the oldest is 15 in August and I was not married to his mother, my daughter is 10 and I was married to her mother.

Unfortunately I no contact with my son but my daughter see’s me every week, over the past 5 years access to my daughter has increased and last year I had her stay over for 181 nights so a couple of months ago the csa said I have shared care and reduced my ex wife’s money.

Wow since then my ex has blown up saying I only wanted her so I can savesome money etc but the main problem is when she rang to see where her payments were (I have a DOE) they told her how much they had recieved from me in total but that she was only going to get asmsll fraction of it because the rest was going to the other PWC.

The day before fathers day I was informed by my ex wife that she is closing her case and all access will be now just 4 days over 2 weeks and I would not be seeing her on Fathers day (I did not even get a telephone conversation with my daughter on fathers day).

When I rang the csa to ask why they had breached the data protection act they told me they had not because the PWC is always aware of how much the csa recieve and how much they will be paid, all I got was a sorry but there is nothing else they can do.

Now i know this is not the main cause but it certainly had a bearing on a father/daughter having no contact on Fathers Day and now I also have to pay an extra £16.50pw to the other NRP for the child I do not see.

I asked the csa if I wss to arrange a private agreement with my daughters mother would this be tsken into account when tbe calculation is done for my son, their reply was if it is not through them then they cannot take this into consideration.

Any help and advise would be most appreciated. Thanks.