Don’t accept what they say if you know you’re right

May 12, 2014

I’ve been to hell and back with the CSA over the past 8 years, culminating this year in them deducting £900 a month from my salary, leaving me barely enough to pay the rent on my home, and giving me a credit rating that will take me years to recover from.

When I received another deductions form earning order for the next 12 months of a similar amount, enough was enough.

I wrote to them asking for a full breakdown of their assessment. When I received it, I downloaded bank statements from the last 8 years and reconciled it all. I worked out, they actually owed me £5000, rather than me owing them that!

I wrote a letter threatening legal action if I didn’t hear from them within 7 days (with copies of all the bank statements), and today I had a phone call from their complaints department.

A cheque is on it’s way to me for the full amount, and they won’t ask me for any more money for 3 months.

The lesson for me here, don’t roll over and accept what they say is correct, front up to them if you know you’re in the right!


  • Cheryl says:

    Good for you, bloody terrifies me this organisation. Every time they tell my partner he is paying the right amount, I just can’t help not believe them!!!

  • mikmik says:

    I h8 2 b the glass 1/2 empty kind of guy, but just wait, you’ll get a demand for even more in a couple of months.

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