Done everything the CSA asked of me but they’re still not happy

January 8, 2013

I have a 16 year old daughter and have been paying the csa through a deduction order for 13 years I have made all my payments and given them what they have asked me to pay.

Recently I have received another bill from the csa saying I owe 14 thousand pounds in arrears due to the fact they have not accessed me correctly for 6 years not only that they have told me they are taking 500 pounds a month out my wages which means I can afford to eat afford my rent or provide for my 3 other children and this also affects my disabled partner and her 2 children who I live with I have spoken to the csa on lots of occasions but not got anywhere.

I have done everything the csa has asked me to do but still been been dumped on from a great height.


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  1. Carol on January 8th, 2013 8:16 pm

    Request a copy of your file from the Data Protection Unit, CSA Newcastle. There is a small fee of £10 for this and they have 40 days to provide you with all information.

    Also get in touch with H M Revenue & Customs who can verify your income details for the past 7 years.

    Contact the CSA and request a statement breakdown showing what assessments were place and payments you made.

    The CSA are suppose to re-assess every 2 years. Did they never previously ask for information on your salary before?

    Write a formal letter of complaint once you have all the information and also get your MP involved to help you. Once they are involved you will have one person to contact within the Parliamentary Correspondence Unit.

  2. brett on January 9th, 2013 8:26 pm

    I was put in the same horror position as you five years ago.
    I had always fully complied with the CSA and paid maintenance every month, when I received a letter stating I owed over £11,000. Apparantly the CSA had reasessed me six months previously and backdated it nearly four years. I was then threatened with baliffs and a liability order.
    I sought legal advice from an ex CSA employee and produced the paper work, I had received from the CSA over the years. I was informed that the assessment was correct. I could understand if I had run, hidden, ignored letters and not paid any maintenance over the years, but I had done absolutely nothing wrong.
    The legal advisor said the government, Labour were in power at the time, had given the CSA thses extra powers.
    He also informed me the CSA target the PAYE earners and in particular a certain type of PAYE earner, that being the occupation I was in. I then had no choice but to pay 40% of my net pay for three years via DEO.
    The CSA legal advisor even told me the PWC doesn’t get all the money and if she is in fear of violence from the NRP they won’t go after him.
    I thought the CSA was set up to go after the NRP’s who weren’t paying, not the good guys out there who are already paying.
    I recently received my Data Protection file, but Im so drained with it all I haven’t got any fight left in me to see what if any errors the CSA have made. They can just do what they like and make decent people’s lifes hell. They have to try and balance the books and justify their existence.
    I cannot believe anyone would want to work for such a shambolic organisation. The whole system stinks.
    Follow Carol’s advice and good luck !

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