Does the CSA work anymore?

January 23, 2015

CSA is really becoming very difficult to deal with. I’ve had payments paid to me late and in some instances 2 months late. I’ve spent countless hours and money dealing with CSA to chase payment.

I recently spoke to CSA and one of the customer service agent told me very simply to take it or leave it and that payments will be late and that I should not depend on the money being paid to me.

Unfortunately the whole idea of going to CSA is because lone mums require that payment to make ends meet and I cannot understand why the service has deteriorated on badly. I’ve been with CSA for years and I’ve never had a problem however recently I’ve had to call and chase them each month for payment although payment have been received by them.

When I asked to lodge a complaint I was told very clearly that nothing will be done. Is CSA working and is it doing it’s job?