Does the CSA take overtime and bonuses into consideration?

December 3, 2011

I have two children aged 4 I work full time and my children are in nursery and I also have a childminder to who I pay £105 per week term time and £350 school holidays per week (tax credits pay 70% I make up the difference out of my wage which is a basic of £14,500 and no overtime) My ex pays me maintenance of between £150 – £200 per month.

He rents a property with his new partner and we have a mortgage in joint names which i pay on my own. He works full time and earns approx £15,000 he says he does not get paid overtime however does get a monthly bonus (his partner also works full time they have no children together) he says he gets paid a basic 39hr week but he does a lot of overtime. If I were to go through tax credits to guarantee money every month and a set amount, would you take into consideration any overtime or bonus that he receives or is it just worked out on a basic salary?

Could you please provide me with an estimate. He has the children every other weekend Friday and Saturday to stay overnight and they come back at 12 on Sunday he also has them every Thursday for about an hour and picks them up from nursery on a Friday at 3.15 and has them til between 430pm and 630 pm until I collect them when i finish work. At the moment I am only looking for some advice.



  • bob says:

    He should be paying 15% of income including bonus and overtime. Imo bonus and ot are unfair to be added.

    He will get a 1/7th reduction too. I work it out as around 125ish but then needs ot and bonus

  • nell says:

    overtime is still part of his income,why wud it be unfair to include it

  • Baz says:

    Overtime isnt guaranteed they have just done a review on me less than 12 months of my original case and because I did overtime in one month they have taken that as my monthly salary and are whacking my payments up.

  • derek miller says:

    to use a NRP’s overtime and bonuses in their assessments is ludicrous. In these unstable financial times we all know OT can instantly disappear. CSA should not include anything above 40 hours. also, the law should be changed so that if the PWC ended the relationship and the NRP has an increase in earnings other than inflation(say a promotion or sources a better job) then the PWC gets no extra money. so if you a NRP say won the lottery, or went from a general operative to manager the PWC’s payment remains the same

  • janet says:

    What a load of cobs wallop no increase in payments if they got promotion that’s just not going to happen

  • derek miller says:

    i didn’t say that was scripture, just what i believe should happen. my ex receives £60 a week from my £290, plus £15 arrears. so i have £215 a week left, bearing in mind it costs me £145 a week for bills, £60 for fuel to get to work and then food? and that she has stayed in the family home, not brought me out and gets all the financial support child benefit/tax credits and legal aid the system can afford

  • lisa says:

    Bonuses and overtime should not be used in regards to income, i personally think your getting CSA at the rate thats been set be happy with it and stop being bloody greedy, maybe he has to do overtime to pay the bloody CSA bill, just because him and his new partner dont have kids doesnt mean that because she earns you should take all your ex,s wage, life after you does happen, he is allowed a life without you robbing him blind love, how would you feel doing loads of overtime to make ends meet,

  • lisa says:!/groups/204256966364149/

    Join this group guys, lots of info freely given, not biased on here friendly bunch

  • carol says:

    I personally dont agree with the higher wage equalling higher maintenance per say, and definitely not when that higher wage has been earned via overtime, which is more than likely done to recover from the csa’s over zealous collecting and ridiculous demands. But….it happens, and wrongly so.

    If a couple split up, they split up, and just because you have a child together, that does not make you entitled to your ex partners higher wage, should they go on to earn more. As long as a decent maintenance payment is given for the child then that should be the end of it.

    ie say if you split up from someone who is a doctor, and you want maintenance based on his wages, well did you go and study as hard as your doctor ex did? Did you do all the work and training involved to be where your ex doctor is? Probably not, you just had a child with this doctor and it didnt work out, you both now are single adults with shared responsibility of a child. If you wanted the trimmings of the being a partner to a doctor, well you should have stayed. If your doctor partner left you, guess what, they have a right to if they were unhappy with the relationship with you. Its called life. And it doesnt mean you are entitled to every last percent of their earnings because you are not together. But yes your shared child does need maintenance if you are caring for the child, just not the figure you had hoped, to keep you in the lifestyle you became acustomed to, or the kind of lifestyle your ex is living.

  • matt says:

    its just money greedy i have just seperated and she has the 2 kids i have been paying her for the last 6 months £225 and now i live with my new partner and she has decided to go to CSA to try to get more! my wage is very low and it seems the fathers get a hard time not only do they not see there kids as much but now get hammered on these stupid payments. i take my kids out every other weeked and spend money ( that i dont have ) on cloths as the mother does not! its a joke not only does she cream the goverment for full benefits but she also works cash in hand!
    When i was contacted by the CSA i said i have been paying in full and have statements to prove that and in there words wore thats tuff you need to sort it through us lol! its a joke they should loose the same amount of benifit if you pay them child main .

  • Jamie says:

    I’ve been paying my ex partner £300pm for the last two years since we split, all because she has found out I have a high paid job she has requested csa to contact my work and based on me earning more than £35000py they are now saying I have to pay her £550pm , it’s a joke when she’s claiming every benefit going, when’s this law coming out when the mum has to get a job ?

  • Andy slade-Matthews says:

    Funny how if you split up and the mother having the kids finds a doctor and he mives in your house the CSA payments are still taken even though the household income is 5 times what it was!!! System is flawed and just encouraces women who quite frankly can be messed up with PND to throw the other half out and then get WFTC Child Allowance loads of other benefits and then CSA. In my experience CSA are shocking and have cocked up more than once and left me with a 7500 arrears!!!!! Yeah go figure. By the way my ex didnt have a doctor in the house or anyone in the house she wasn’t that stupidity or her other benefits would have stopped…

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