Does the CSA have any power if we have an agreement under Polish law?

July 22, 2012

I am Polish and my ex- wife is Polish, our son was born in Poland and we divorced in Poland.If I have had an agreement set for maintenance by a Polish court, does the CSA have the authority to override a decision that has been made outside of the UK.

The judgement has been made in line with Polish Law, whilst still in Poland and under the provision that the divorce has been agreed in Poland. Currently I live in the UK since May 2004.

My ex – wife also live in the UK since 2007, however we do not live together and we both have our new families.


  • Alice says:

    I believe that if you are working or claiming benefits here then yes the CSA can be involved.Correct me someone if I am wrong but after a court order is a year old (maybe more) it can be overturned.The reason I am stating this is because I had a court order with my ex, and when I applyed to the CSA i was asked if there was a court order and to send proof.The court order was made in 2008 and the CSA took over and said they could..If you are paying every week/month on the polish court order and you are both still planning on staying here why dont you and her agree to pay her direct without the CSA being involved.Get payments through a bank stating CS and then you will have proof that you are paying her.On the other hand is she asking for more money then you would be paying on the polish order,and she is involving CSA,just asking.

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