Does the CSA have access to my redundancy?

August 23, 2013

Being separated and with a young I was up to date with my payment to the CSA via an attachment earnings order.

Earlier this year I was made redundant and signed a compromise agreement and in doing so, obtained and indeed started work with another employer after a period of about 3 months and continued to pay the order accordingly through my new workplace.

The CSA were kept informed of the above by me so that I could continue to support my children.

The CSA wrote to me and asked how I managed to live without income for that 3 month period and are now staking a claim to my redundancy payment. They state that my 6 month notice period was paid in lieu however as far as I am concerned, that still forms part of my redundancy payment (a payment which went to settle legal fees incurred to ensure my son could see me I might add).

Do the CSA have a right to my redundancy, either in part, in lieu or in whole?


  • dai says:

    why did you tell them about your redundancy?

    You should have told them that your were made redundant and signed up for JSA the day after?

    your compromise agreement was confidential between you and your employer.

    if you have told them you had six months money in lieu of notice then you are going to have to pay something?

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