Does payment mean access?

June 28, 2014

My partner has recently recieved a letter from the csa telling him that the mother of his daughter has contacted them to gain child maitenence from him, his daughter is now 7 and she hasnt allowed him access to her since she was 1.

He has tried numerous times to contact her to gain access to his daughter and offering to pay manitenece and everytime she tells him she dosnt want his money and he will never see his daughter again, she recently told him that he no longer had any legal rights as she has had his daughters name changed and had his name taken off the birth certificate.

In the past he has even had a solicitor contact her but she ignored the letters and moved house. He just needs to know what his rights are and if she would have to allow himm access if he starts making the payments.

Also will the payments be back dated?

Any help and information you could give us on this matter would be greatly appreciated.


  • melanie parton says:

    cant take off birth cert fir a start if married cant change name without permission of dad ……and paying or not does not deny i access……sumon her to court if no show the authorities will go round n collect her if keeps being obstructive there are actions the court can take……dont giv up u fell oit with her not yr kid

  • melanie parton says:

    payments will b backdated from application date

  • Paul Greenacre says:

    My Daughter is 20 next month, her mother is still not allowing my Daughter to see me, have paid CSA since birth !!!

  • JoeBloh says:

    If you are not on the birth certificate,
    then I don’t see how they can make you pay.

    But I can see them trying anyway.

    As for her not “letting” you see your daughter,
    if you take her to court, she will have to.

    Also, you should be keeping any evidence of your contacts with the mother (emails, letters, eye witness testimony etc… ) that she has been keepingyou away, and that you have been trying.

    She will have to let you see her.

    Personally, you should fight for custody, since you are paying to raise her anyway.

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