Does my child have no rights?

March 30, 2015

In 2006 a placed a claim for csa and despite giving over the abscent parents employer, phone number and parents address the csa failed to catch up until 27 months later.

No arrears were chased by the csa and it was taken as the claim was from the date an assessment was made, why did the csa not take the claim from when my son was born in July 2006?

I lost a large amount of money due to my son and there seems no excuse at all as to why?

My son was pretty poorly during this period and money was extremely tight for us, the abcsent parent however took holidays abroad had various motorcycles and cars and kept a very expensive social life…. Did my son have no rights during this time?


  • al says:

    They can only take the claim from when you lodged it.
    Why don’t you get a job and share the care of your Son? Best solution all round but least profitable for you of course

  • Suzanne 3003 says:

    For sure my life would be great had my sons father not wished him dead for having not been perfect, I did claim for my son from day one!
    We arent all trying to evade work, I even worked the day I had my son then juggled work and hospital to a point of desperation whilst my sons father ran for the hills so fast he had smoke trails from his shoes…….
    My thoughts on the two responses, my sons father had a duty regardless of perfection and get a grip, the money would improve my sons life not mine but it would be good to afford a holiday or break forbus both but hey ho – we are just the parent left behind waiting in earnest for justification from a man who was 40 and desperate to be a dad ….. Yeah tell my son that!

  • Suzanne 3003 says:

    I see also that unless the men who responded are shift workers then they are sat on their backsides surfing the net and should get a damn job rather than living their spiteful sad minded lives! Both logged on through work hours

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