Does it really cost £200 a month to bring up my daughter?

July 17, 2013

Why is it the CSA believe it costs £200 a month to bring up my daughter? I could understand when nappies, formula, nursery fees and the rest were a daily routine and cost but now?

I was in my daughters life everyday for 3 years so I know the difference.

Also if she does cost £200 a month why am I the only one paying for her, the only person who doesn’t get to see her anymore? Take away the money grabbing self centered attitude of my ex partner, the system and the CSA are the biggest crooks of them all. It’s time the CSA took into account the mothers income and split the cost of bringing up the child fairly. Will that ever happen? sadly no.


  • Adrian says:

    I’ve always said this. It’s so the greedy ex can have a good time and us nrp pay for it. Bang out of order.

  • Jason M says:

    And they get to keep the Child Benefit and all the other benefits they claim. ITS ONE BIG CON!

  • Tim says:

    £200 a month is probably less than it costs to raise a child. Depending on the payment schedule, I pay between £900 and £1000 a month for my 3.

    I live with my girlfriend and her daughter. If my 3 children lived with me, it would cost around £700 a month more to rent a suitably sized house and it would cost around £100 a month to feed each of them. Then there would be the extras in terms of electricity, clothing, school products, pocket money, holidays etc.

    While the housing costs do not apply to my ex as we already had a suitably sized house that she kept, and no doubt, a lot of the money gets spent on her, her new husband and their child, those things were taken out of my control by the divorce court judge and I can only look at it in terms of how much it would cost for my kids to live with me (which I would happily do if the opportunity arose).

    If you think about the money too much, as I used to do, it will simply drive you insane.

  • Lisa says:

    Some nasty greedy bitches about, if that’s the case why work and give her your hard earned cash, she should get a job herself, it doesn’t cost me £200 monthly to bring a child up, it’s massive con

  • Sally says:

    @ Tim, very few people could afford £900-£1,000 a month Tim regardless and although £200 might not seem like a lot by comparison, when you add child benefit, child tax credits, working tax credits on top of the £200, it amounts to around £400 and I genuinely do not think that it costs around £400 per child every month…..

    the whole system drives us insane…

  • Gonk says:

    Don’t know what to make of Gary roes reply ?????
    But as far as I’m concerned you count yourself lucky dude…I’m screwd for £320 each month for my daughter, so @ Gary roe,when you add up all the other benefits my ex gets inc no council tax,subsidised rent inclusive of other benefits + a full time working partner bringing home the bacon…then yes…. What I’m robbed of each month for 1 daughter is a fucking piss taking rip off by these arseholes and the laughing cow of an ex.

  • Gonk says:

    @michael Davies
    I fully understand you dude and totally on your side…it’s fucks my head up beyond believe that these arseholes in power can’t see this system is soooo fucking unfair,that goes the same for the likes of Karen Bedford,Alice,Chall,wilf
    None of these idiots will ever see this shite outfit for what it is
    Ps: @ Karen…hope the robbing and conning tax payers is still bringing you plenty of unearned revenue to smile about….lol

  • Lisa says:

    Garry is being stung for more than that gonk, some men do have it easy where i think £200 monthly is extortionate,

  • CSA warrior says:

    lets be fair if your were the PWC the answer is yes it costs a lot more than that. £50 per week. However a number of never wanna work scroungers will claim every benefit going, work on the side and then get £200 on top of that. thats the piss take. then the stay at home lazy arse get more than any man that is working his arse of to pay the rent each week. up to 40% of his effort disappears before he even sees it. There arent many reasons why a mum cant work and earn her money, but theres a lot of lame excuses (lame, disability get it? ha ha. no ok then.)

  • Gonk says:

    Well spoken CSA warrior and very true
    My skank of an ex bleeds me for £320 a month on top of all her other benefit booties AND has a full time working partner bringing in the bacon as well…how the fuck is this fair ????

  • Terry says:

    I am paying £100 per week which is equal to £433 per calender month. That is for 1 child and no arrears. My ex doesn’t work so gets all her benefits (Child support, housing, council tax) aswell.

  • Gonk says:

    @ terry
    It’s disgusting you pay all that for 1 child, I thought I was bled hard by this filth wow.
    And yes like your ex…my skank of ex gets all the benefits under the sun without lifting a finger let alone her fat arse lol.
    It’s fucking disgusting they are allowed to get away with this and with full blessing of the CSA

  • brett says:

    Terry, circumstances almost identical. I’m under CSA1 rules and paying £443.69 a month to a piece of pond life I had a very brief fling with. I also got stitched up with over £11,000 of made up arrears owed to the Sec of State. It’s never worked and always claimed every benefit going.
    One of the reasons this country is in such a mess.

  • Gonk says:

    Yer you sum these women up.not all are like that but a bloody lot of them.scrounging skanks that milk the tax payer for all it can get.they just breed for one reason, to use the kid as a source of income. They and the other ponces in society,the scum bags that can work but too fucking lazy to work, the freeloaders who take whatever they can get, give NOTHING to society just burdens to our wallets.
    These women just see dropping kids every 9 months secures a free roof over their skank trailer trash heads with all the benefits under the sun.
    Yes you right…no wonder this country is going down the pan,in the mean time idiots like us top up the treasury pot.

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