Does a Duke of Edinburgh Award count as full time education?

July 15, 2013

I have a 19 year old son, currently in full time education. i was informed last year by the CSA that maintenance stops at 19 (it was guaranteed to stop- i was told) i have since been informed that this has changed and is now 20. The CSA attitude to this was tough luck.

I was never informed that it had changed. Also he finishes college this year and is due to go on a Duke of Edinburgh award scheme. Does this count as full time education, or will my payments be due to stop in July when college finishes.

Some advice please is required


  • John says:

    I’m waiting for child (Hmmmmm?) to turn 19 and to see what happens regarding further education. There is no way on this earth that I am paying until 20.

    No trust or faith in CSA scum or slag of PWC, they lie together in order to attempt to screw me for more money!

    Have paid my dues for 13 years, I will have my life back whatever it takes to get these incompetent bastards off my back and out of my life for good!

    Any advice or will I have to use solicitors? Not doing tribunals, have been before and they are rigged to suit CSA outcome no matter what!

  • John says:

    DOE is doubtful as further education, like was said it’s an award scheme, not a vocational qualification.

  • KMcQ80 says:

    So does it end at 18?
    Or 19?
    Or 20?
    Get the age in writing from the CSA and check if they are right.
    If not, it’s a trip to your MP with the CSA’s letter and time for a formal complaint.

  • JCM says:

    DOE is an enrichment, not an educational award. It is available to young people upto the age of 25/26 yrs old. However some educational centres offer it. It’s a cop out by the CSA as usual. My daughter now 18, does not work, not in education…but her mother is still in receipt of CB, Beggers belief. The CSA are Corrupt, uncaring and a set of complete wasters! It is now beyond belief that this set of tools still exsist. And as for MP’s…they don’t give a toss!

    I feel for you, i really do…like many others on here.

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