DOE leaving me with £30 to live on Thanks CSA

February 12, 2012

I was paying maintenance direct to my ex wife for my 2 children when we 1st split, i then was contacted by the csa and told that all payments are now to be paid through them. so an assessment was started which took for ever, I was working 3 jobs to keep a roof over my head and to clear debts that i was left with. i lost my main job and due to a part time job i had could not claim any job seekers allowance or housing benefit.

I was only working part time and offered to pay what i could. when i did finally get a full time job i contacted the csa to tell them of my change of circumstances.

I was told that they needed to do an assessment again. i have been told that i am now over £2000 in arrears and was told that i had to pay over £300 per month. I wrote numerous letters explaining that i could not afford to pay that much as it would leave me nothing to live on. the csa did not seem to care and a direction of earnings order was taken out against me and £320 was taken from my wages. after paying my rent, council tax, fuel, heating, electric,and any other bills i have i am now expected to live on £70 per month.


  • Brian says:

    I feel for you, I gave up and stopped working, don’t claim and can’t calim Benefits, who wants too. Give up mate nothing you do will stop them taking what they want.

    So many guys on here in the same situation.

    CSA are “legal Terrorists” contact your local MP and copy him/her with letters get them involved. But working won’t help because the more you earn the more they will take.

  • chall says:


    The agency should at least leave you with 60% of your income.

    Have you checked your assessment is correct and takes into account any shared care etc?

    chall ~ afairercsaforall

  • jay. says:

    Chall, they should do but they don’t, know of one nrp and they were taking 70%! My advice is write a letter of complaint to the csa and see your mp asap.

  • tonybach says:

    brian….your absoulutely right there mate,too many good men out there that want but cant work!!im 1 of them,they want 120 a week out of my 300!leaving me with 180 to live on for a week!thing is mate dont get me wrong,i want to pay for my little boy but thats a bit to steep for me,especialy when my ex goes to chester races to enjoy her self…..just out of curiosoty does anybody know how much you have to pay to the csa if you only work 16hrs and under a week??

  • Average Joe says:

    16 hours at minimum wage is just under £100 per week so under CSA2 it would be 5 pounds per week.

    This is expected to increase to 10 pounds in the next couple of years…

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