Do we have a right to stop payments?

March 30, 2014

Ok so where do I start my husband pays £200 a month for his son to his ex partner , we know that it’s impossible for her to spend all of this on the child and have proof she spends it on herself.

She’s buys herself boots and clothes and uses the Money for nights out. She doesn’t work so all rent etc is paid for her , do we have the right to stop Payments ?

Also we have my step son 3 days a week so these Payments Seam very high , as his mother only feeds him for his tea on the other 4 nights , we supply his uniform for school so that doesn’t come out of csa Help ! Please just help!

She’s currently demanding more money as she believes that she needs more. I have a child with my Husband that csa don’t take in to account …


  • Matt says:

    What is costs to raise a child is irrelivant to the CSA. What matters to them is the % of your wage that is taken for the PWC. As it stands the calculation is a joke and what causes so much resentment between parents. A fairer calculation would be around how much it costs to raise a child then divide by 2 (what a lot of PWC seem to forget is that the money they get from NRP is their contribution, not to cover all the costs otherwise what, finacially, are they contributing). That fairer method would take out the arrguments and bitching about whos spending what and what on, nights out, holidays etc etc

  • Jodie says:

    Eh I know she spends my HUSBANDS money on herself as he’s told us this ..
    My argument Is that the csa is to support the child not to Support her drug fuled nights out . I have a child with my husband to , and I can assure you by the time he pays csa out and rent council tax etc there’s not much left
    I work and this means I soully support out daughter . My husbands son is only 3
    So we know she don’t spend £50 a week on him .. And shes also admited she and I qoute “uses the csa to pay for nights out because she needs a break”

    She doesnt work so there gets all of the money and all of her bills paid.
    I understand everybody needs a break but I don’t see why my husbands money that’s meant for his son should be spent on drink
    And drugs , I came here for advise as I wasn’t sure where we stood

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