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Do the CSA have an internal fraud department?

Back in January i recieved a call from a CSA employee pretending to work for ICE, he used ICE passwords and strung me along for a day or two untill I realised and contacted ICE direct who said they had never heard of him. Following complaints i recieved a letter in May stating my complaint was upheld.

They also said sorry, if i was not happy with the outcome to write again, now as this detective work by me had cost money and calls i complained again, still no response yet i did recieve what the CSA deemed a transcript of the call, several pieces of this call are missing. Could or would the CSA edit a transcript to suit themselves???


One thought on “Do the CSA have an internal fraud department?

  1. My ex partner has remarried in 2011, I have paid maintenance since then, only every time I get paperwork from the csa (which has now ceased) I noticed she has been using her maiden name! She uses her married name for other purposes, but uses her maiden name for the csa. It is strange but I think she may have been deceiving the csa for the past five could be she has been claiming child maintenance payments as a single mother whilst being married,plus her partner is a big earner. Surely this is illegal? Can I have your thoughts please? Thanks

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