Do my CSA payments change if I start a new family?

December 20, 2011

I have been seperated from my ex wife for 5 years and 2 months and my divorce finally came through 2 months ago. I pay the required CSA payments to my ex for our 2 children, and always have. However before she went to the CSA I paid above and beyond what was expected until I was out of work – I was a bricklayer at the time and just gave her cash every week which she was more than happy with. When my work dried up I couldn’t give her as much, however I did try, but this was no good for her and the CSA were contacted and I had to pay arrears of £1800!

Now, when we split up we had 2 houses, one in her name, and one in mine. The house in her name was being rented out and the house in my name was our home. The house in her name was purchased approx 1998 for £40k, I moved in about 6-12 months after she bought it and transferred it from a run down 2 bedroomed house to a lovely 3 bedroomed house worth £125k I had done landscaping to the rear, built a kitchen extension, transferred it to 3 bedrooms, buuilt a driveway, renovated the bathroom etc, etc. When we split up she sold this house for £123k, she gave me £7k to start again. She kept the rest!! Ok we had borrowed £17k off my mum for the deposit, which she payed back, but that is still £17k equity in the house. A year or so after we split, while I was still living at my mothers she wanted my to sign the house over to her. This was fine by me, I was glad of the clean break and also knew that I was doing my bit for the kids.

She visited me at work, I jumped off the scaffold and met her and signed all these papers that she had with her. More fool me for not reading what they were, I will come to that soon. As time went on I met a new partner approximately a year after I had split with my ex. Things were good and after 10 months we moved into a rented property together and built up a nice selection of homely goods. My partners parents were happy for us and informed us that they would be willing to help us onto the property ladder and give us a rather substantial deposit. We were overjoyed and immediately contacted an IFA. Much to our shock, the IFA had some horrendous news for us. There was no chance of us getting a mortgage as I was 6 months in arrears with my property that my ex wife lives in, I informed my IFA that I had signed it over to my ex. He informed me that whatever I signed it wasn’t an agreement to pass the house to my ex.

He also informed me that I had an loan of £14k outstanding!!! I was dumstruck! I realise now that what I was signing was for a loan for her. So I obviously confronted my ex with regards all this. Her reply… ‘well, the loan is being payed!’ Now she wouldn’t even tell me who the mortgage was with. By this point you must be thinking that I am a bit of a pushover and extremely naive? Well, my ex worked for an IFA – independant financial adviser, and when we got the mortgage for the house she did all the legwork and got me a self cert, we put £17k down as deposit (borrowed from my mum) and bought the house for £170k, all I did was sign where she requested, and that’s what I did when I apparantly signed the house over to her, doh!

My fault for being so trusting, but you never expect anyone to do that to you.

In the meantime I wanted to find out details of who the mortgage was with, she wouldn’t tell me, so I did a land registry check and found out the mortgage lenders and immediately gave them a bell. ‘Well sir, we will see you in court next week’. That was basically what they said to me. My ex hadn’t paid the morgage for the last 6 months and the mortgage company was taking ME to court to reposess!! I would’ve had no idea if I hadn’t contacted the lender as all the correspondance goes to the house my ex lives in. I spoke with my ex and told her that I need to get off that mortgage so I can start again, not much chance now though with having 6 months arrears behind me. Anyhow she cried some more and promised she would sort it out. The court agreed to a suspended reposession order. This now leaves me, well I don’t know.

This has been going on now for a couple of years and the arrears are due to be paid summer 2012.

At that point I think I am going to transfer the mortgage to a buy to let and she can rent the property off me. Now I should probably not be posting this on here as it is all about CSA so I apologise for this. In the meantime I pay 20% of my net wage to support her and the kids. Her new partner lives with her, however not legally as when I was filing for divorce I needed to know his surname, and when I asked her she told me ‘he doen’t even live here!’ I could’ve choked! Not only has she shafted me, but she’s now shafting the benefits agency! I still try to be civil with her, it’s very hard, I won’t even go into the other petty stuff that she has done to me. I have wondered about making it a legal matter, but then thoujght about how it might affect the kids.

To sum all this up, I am sure there would be a law looking after a mother should the roles have been reversed, but me, I have had no help, I have been to solicitors and had my half an hour free for them all to say ‘there’s not much we can do for you’. And all the time I am handing over a large chunk of my wage that I can not afford. I have to live in rented property and waste all that rent every month as I am not allowed a mortgage. My partners wage isn’t substantial enough as yet to get a mortgage on her own. So, I will carry on, paying my CSA, seeing my kids every weekend. Myself and my new partner want to start a family, in fact she is 2 weeks late! And this is the reason I actually came on this site. If I start a new family, will that effect my CSA payments to my ex?

Ok I will end my sob story there! If anyone has any advice or help with my housing matter that would be appreciated, as would any information regarding CSA payments if I start a new family.

Still smiling 😉


  • bob says:

    Hi Steve another child will remove approx 3% off your 20%. Have you ever raised at court you were tricked?

    This is deception and you should be able to take her to court… If it were me I’d have had a court paper in the very next day!

    Do you see your kids regularly?

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