Do MPs, lawyers or judges suffer at the hands of the CSA?

April 1, 2013

I have paid for my son since I left her in 2002 and have the payslips to prove it. I changed jobs last year for one that lasted 8 months then I was unemployed for 12 weeks. I started a new job and always informed the gestapo of my changes. In feb this year I received a bill for £1111.47p for arrears which I never had as I have always paid.

After 6 months they finally sorted my new job payments out and what have they done? I had just last week given them £400 to keep them quiet while it was sorted then this month they have taken £553 out my wages leaving me without any way of paying my mortgage or fuel to get to work and my new boss is threatening to let me go as I’m still on probation if I don’t get to work. The gestapo won’t investigate debt as someone else did the work (then left!!) so I have to pay twice.

I have to pay £571 each month for the next 5 months! like I will have a job then. What’s the point they won’t listen and nobody will help. I’m getting too close to the edge now and my new partner is sick to death of hearing about what she can still do to me.

Looks like I will be just another statistic, does this never happen to the MP’s or judges or lawyers who could change this corrupt country?