Do I need to continue paying as son works part time?

September 27, 2012

Please can you advise me as my ex wife has decided to involve your selves again even though i have been making payments of £236 per month for at least the last three or four years and beyond for my son which i have bank statements to prove this.

I have a court order that states these payments will cease either when my son is 18 or finishes full time secondary education. He is now nearly 18.5 and attend colledge for 20 hours a week and he also works for 20 hours a week at a local supermarket.

He is currently studying Public Services level 3 which finishes in June 2013. Can you advise whether i still need to continue with my agreed payments??

Simon Collings


  • jay. says:

    Child maintenance stops when child benefit ceases….with the course you say your son is on I would ? to see if it comes under child benefit entitlement, as it sounds like a higher tier course?? Give child benefit a ring and see what they say.

  • Carol says:

    This site isn’t the CSA but for advice from people who have problems with the Agency.

    I have found this website which basically says the pwc should not be in receipt of child benefit therefore no maintenance would be due.

  • Alice says:

    from your statement I am assuming that your son’s college course and his supermarket job are not connected – I further assume that the course is classed as non-advanced (HNC and above are advanced, SVQ are non-advanced) full-time courses are 12 hours or more per week. If all the above are correct then your son is classed as a qualifying child and as such your ex partner is entitled to claim child Benefit and you are still liable for child maintenance up to your child reaches the age of 19 (the age limit will increase to 20 in December 2012)

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