Do I have to pay half of the mortgage as well as the CSA?

November 21, 2013

I am about to divorce and currently live away from the marital home where she lives with our 4yr old daughter. The house is £60,000 in negative equity and its a joint mortgage. She says I have to pay my half of the mortgage AND CSA. Is this correct?


  • Lisa says:

    Hi mate, under the scheme you will be on cs2 your only obliged to pay CSA you don’t have to pay the mortgage tho if you do they can take these payments in Leiu of maintenance, you have no obligation to your ex wife just the children, do be careful giving cash tho the CSA will put you in arrears, make sure you keep Reciepts from all payments made to the ex or do it standing order, you will know how much to pay if you use the CSA gov calculator make sure you reference your standing order as child support or child maintenance tho or your ex could say this wasn’t payment for your kids, good luck

  • Adrian says:

    Not paying your mortgage will put your credit at serious low levels. Which in turn will probably put you in a worse position as no one will give you credit. And let’s face it we all need credit at some point.
    If you can try and get your ex to buy you out.

  • jo says:

    No, if you have no interest in the home but paying half the mortgage csa will offset this.

    Your ex has to meet you in the middle. Have you sought legal advise or had it sorted properly so both parties have fair share?

    Lisa is right, never pay in cash and leave a paper trail with it clearly marked child support.

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