Do I have to pay CSA if ex lives in Jersey?

May 29, 2012

My ex wife is planning to leave the courts Jurastiction to permantely reside in Jersey with my daughter and her partner (we both currently live in East Anglia). I have and continue to pay £260 per month for maintenance for our daughter which has been agreed mutually (not via CSA) and documented as such in our divorce paperwork.

Please can you advise if there is a legal requirement for me to continue to pay maintenance if she resides out side the jurastiction (Jersey) as as a resuly of her taking my daughter, I will incure addittional costs such as traveling, childcare etc.

many thanks Chris


  • rach says:

    she would definitely be out of the csa’s jurisdiction

  • Carol says:

    She would be out of the CSA jurisdiction so could not lodge a claim.

    It comes down to any agreement between the both of you to continue to pay maintenance or not.

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