Do I have to keep paying if our son no longer lives at home?

June 2, 2015

My son (16)lives with his father and I pay maintainance. He is leaving home soon and moving to a different city to attend a course and living with his girlfreind.

His dad has agreed to give him the child benefit so that he can continue to claim it. Does this mean that I will still need to pay him maintainance even though he won’t be living there any more?

I know his dad won’t pass it on to my son.



  • Steven says:

    It’s fraud to carry on claiming child benefit if the child is not residing in the claimants household. And when child benefit stops, CSA stops

  • Vicky says:

    Hi, thanks,
    His dad has said he would give the child benefit money to him as a contribution to his upkeep. That way he can continue to claim child benefit legally and I need to continue paying him csa money.

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