Do I have the right to request that all future correspondence is in writing?

November 3, 2013

I am on old rules. I am the NRP. The CSA have been deducting 1/3 of my wages every month. I have other debts therefore it is essential I pay for these and obviously pay my way in life. It was partly due to the CSA that I was made homeless back in 2012. The mother of my child now has 4 kids and unfortunately three different fathers and now she is with the father of the latest child who has 6 kids and is not allowed to see any of them for legal reasons that I do not know. I am aware that it may seem that I am getting personal however I am disgusted at how I am being treated.

The mother has openly admitted through a social networking site that she has done her utmost to prevent me from having any input into the child’s upbringing, I have presented this to the CSA in writing however still awaiting a response. My daughter has also text me and wrote on the same social networking site that I am not worthy to be called a Dad and that her step Dad is a real man. She actually said this using language that I will not repeat and many other statements to show the disregard she feels for me.

I have travelled in the past on each occasion 500 mile return trips to see my child with the intentions of taking her to my home for weekends however when I arrived at the rendezvous there was no one to greet me. This happened twice. The last time I attempted to arrange a meeting my daughter simply stated I would have to arrange with her mother and her mother stated it was not possible because they were going to their Stepdad’s parent’s for the weekend.

I have attempted to make a private arrangement between us for support payment (apparently the CSA promote this?) however the mother advises me that she does not have a bank account. Hmmmm?
I however have to pay arrears as there is no trace that I ever gave her money as support even though she took my car and I looked after my daughter at every opportunity.

When you are reading this it most probably sounds like I have been brought up on an estate similar to the one the mother was dragged up, my apologies to anyone who does live on an estate I mean no disrespect. I have worked all my life and now work in HQ in a very well known corporate company, when I was homeless the mother and my child simply stated “pay for your child”. The CSA did not believe me, they kept sending correspondence to the address of my ex girlfriends demanding more money. I made a few bad choices when I was young and I am now paying for them.

Due to some of the bad choices I made when I was younger I have debts and I wish to pay them all off however the CSA was deducting £520 a month from me (they were looking three times this at the beginning due to an admin error), they are now taking £355 a month, with all my expenses I have less than £100 / month to live on. They have now stated that I have to pay further arrears as the first schedule of payments did not cover all the arrears. I have spoken with Citizens Advice who have advised me to go bankrupt however this is not a path I want to follow, I want to stand on my own two feet and pay my way.

The mother does not wish to cooperate.

I managed to find a fixed abode back in Dec 2012 and requested that the CSA send me change of Circumstance forms. It is approaching one year and I am yet to receive any forms.

When the CSA have phoned me in the past I have became very distressed on the phone and very upset. It had got to the stage where I was having dark thoughts, suicidal. I now suffer serious stress, stomach pains, anxiety and panic attacks, I have fallen out with nearly everyone in the office however I am now managing to build a few bridges.

I have over the last 2 months written 5 letters and sent them recorded delivery (In addition to the verbal requests over the telephone prior to writing the letters) asking them to send a Change of Circumstance form to my address, a response to all the points I have raised on all the letters and a request that all future correspondence be executed in writing. I have received none of the above however I still receive multiple phone calls from them and letters demanding that I call them as they need to discuss an urgent matter.

Where do I stand?

Is it their policy not to respond in writing?

Is it my right to request that all future correspondence be executed in writing?


  • Lisa says:

    Yes you can demand all future correspondance is put in writing, i would also put a complaint in about the way the CSA keep getting things wrong, you can do this via email if you want, works very effectively, get your MP to help with this, i would also ask for your data file, this holds all info the CSA hold on you and if your ex has any other chldren born after 2003 they should automatically be phased onto the 2003 scheme also known as CS2, dont let them fob you off, demand everything in writing as to why payments are so high and that you are in effect living in hardship and poverty, good luck

  • KMcQ80 says:

    Don’t worry about ‘right’ just do it.
    Either change your telephone number or become ex directory and get caller ID on your phone.
    I only deal with the CSA by post for years – everything I receive and copies of my replies are kept in date order.

    You would do a deal with a pay-day loan company by phone only – so why deal with the CSA only on the phone?

  • CSA warrior says:

    Once again gotta be quick
    Short answer is yes. but you have to put that in writing. Good luck

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