Do I get money for my daughter? Please help!

July 27, 2012

I have had two different stories as to whether i will get CSA for my Daughter, who is 18 now, 19 in January next year.

She has just finished her A levels and off to university in september.

I was told by one person at the agency that my maintenance payments will stop when I dont qualify for child benefit, but another one of your staff said i would get it until she reaches 19 as she is still in full time education.

Could you please let me know which story is correct. thank you.


  • Alice says:

    Going through this now . My stepdaughter finished college in June 2012 and recieves Child Benefit till September 4th,CS stops then also.If your daughter is going to university in September then I believe this is not covered by Child Benefit.Rind the Child Benefit and they will tell you when payments finish,you should get a clearer picture but you should not get anything for her if she is away from home.

  • terry north says:

    too bloody right..why should you receive any more cash if your daughter goes to uni,stop using your grown daughters as cash cows..get them out working and yourself for that matter.the problem with soooo many people in this country is they expect the state and tax payer owes them a living,they rely on benefits and bloody free load on the hard workers.I have worked since the age of 16 and now 53 and thankfull I have never been out of work..and proud im not one of this countries millions of scroungers and benefit screwd every month by an ex who took my daughter away from me when she was 3. bloody rich,I have my daughter taken from me and this is my reward..her mother using her as a cash cow along with all the other benefits she gets.and she has a bloke living with her and tells them shes a single mother..makes me wanna puke.
    And yes I am angry because of damm messages as yours.How dare you…to even ask the question…why on earth should you be payed benefits for a grown daughter whom will not be living with sum it up for proved you use her as a cash cow.get out and work..if you work and cant manage get a second job…I had to and I have to do loads of overtime as well to pay the ex.

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