DNA test showed child was not mine – can I get CSA money back?

July 19, 2012

I fathered a child from birth and provided finacial assistantance for 9 months prior to the birth and up until todays date i recently undergone a DNA test which has proved im not the paternal father of the child i have been defrauded by deception for almost 5 years which has caused me great stress and finacial ruin due to my ex partner.

I think it would be correct for the CSA to refund any monies to me as a great matter of urgency.

I’m concidering contacting the press and lock news as my life has been destroyed i have leagal proof to prove im not the paternal father if someone could call me of a matter of urgancy that would be great

kind regards

David Brown


  • jay. says:

    You’ll only get back when you denied parentage and when DNA was carried out, anything before this is not down to the csa.

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